Endemic Species Research Institute

Popularize the beauty of local plants

Ecological education in campus

Integrate related academic units, develop and attach importance to research of biodiversity with modern scientific methods, make life industry entering the international stage.

Government and academic units should be more active in the economic research and development of local plants, positively popularize the beauty of local plants, and make Formosa’s mien re-appear instead of make it Netherlands in the east.

Encourage and assist schools in the countryside with broad lands to plant Taiwan endemic/original plants according to geographical and climatic condition. These schools can become ecological educational park in the community, and recuperate the damage of habitats by development and constructions.


Source: Environmental Information Center, Taiwan Environmental Information Association

Subject: The future of life – biodiversity: biodiversity, biotechnology and life industry

Author: Yuan-tai Hsu (Professor, Horticulture Department, Taiwan University)





作者:徐源泰 (台灣大學園藝系 教授)