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Planning protected area: Taiwan has set up 6 national parks, 19 natural protected areas, 15 wild animal protected areas, 29 key habitats for wild animals and 35 state forest protected areas. All these protected areas account for 19.5% of total area of Taiwan. We need to investigate and protect endemic and rare lives in Taiwan, explicate them to foreign visitors, and setup the public conception of ecological protection.

Constituting protection laws: Currently available laws are National Park Law, Wildlife Protection Law, Forestry Law, Cultural Heritage Preservation Law, Environmental Impact Evaluation Law, Water and Soil Conservation Law, Fishery Law, Regional Planning Law, City Layout Law, Mining Law, Water Law, Air Pollution Prevention Law and Water Pollution Prevention Law.

Setting up research center: For the moment, the government has set up the Endemic Species Research Institute, which is working on investigation of bio-resource and protection research of important lives.

Academic participation: Scientists from colleges, central academy and Forestry Research Institute are taking active part in the protection research of domestic bio-resource.

Placing environmental education into 9-year persistent course is an import topic. Integrated teaching should be implemented to establish a proper public concept of ecological protection since childhood.

A lot of medical research state that many endemic/original plants benefit people’s living. People begin to pay attention to these plants. For example, cleanser can be made from China Soapberry (Sapindus mukorossi) ; bark of China Berry (Melia azedarach) can banish ascarid; its fruit can be used to cure cramp; Paclitaxel can be abstracted from Yew, which is a good medicine for lung and breast cancer. More discoveries and development on endemic plants are coming up.


Source: Life Science Department, China Cultural University/Web site for advanced studies of high school teachers/biodiversity


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