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The Party of Taiwanese Endemic Plants

In Da-Shin Elementary School Campus

[Flamegold tree ]

[Taiwan incense cedar]

[Taiwan eugenia]

[Viburnum taiwanianum Hayata]

[Taiwan trident maple]

[Taiwan fire thorn]

[Formosan eupatorium]

[Chinese alangium]

[Cinnamomum kotoense Kanehira ]

[Lanyu persimmon]

[Flying moth tree]

[Spider tree]

[Obovate leaved machilus]

[Machilus zuihoensis Hayata]

[Large leaved machilus]

[Tashio's hawthorn]

[Horny toothed ardisia]

[Water willow]

[Phoebe formosana Hayata]

[Taiwan cotton rose]




[Taiwan loquat]

[Flueggea virosa]