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Self-guided Tour

Traffic directions

Traffic directions


1. Ershui Township Day Tour

* To Babao Canal:


Ershui Train Station ->rent a bicycle nearby->go straight from the right side of the train station->Erbashui rest station->pass the train tracks->turn right->bicycle lane and walk way->a section of upward slope->turn left->go to the end and then turn left->ride toward the right side->Babao Canal ->on the other side of the road->Linsiansheng Temple.


After getting off the train at Ershui Train Station, you can rent a bicycle nearby to start you day tour. First, walk toward your right facing the train station, you’ll see a store selling turkey rice. Then, walk straight, you’ll see a Erbashui rest station, which means you’re on the right track. Continue walking straight, pass the train tracks, and turn right for the bicycle lane and walk way. You can enjoy the rural beauty and walk forward against the wind, racing the trains. Time passes, don’t hesitate and keep going forward. After a tiny uphill slope, it means you need to turn left. After you reach the end, turn left again, then ride toward your right. After a while, you can reach the historic Babao Canal. Across from Babao Canal is the Linsiansheng Temple, which houses Lin Siansheng, who gave great contribution to the people of Changhua, and on the right and left are Shih-bang Shih and Shih-cing Huang, who also contributed to opening the canal. After the tour, you should be tired, so head back toward Ershui Train Station and see the beautiful scenery at the source.

*See the map on the previous page of the tourism information for other scenic spots near Babao Canal


(1) Ershui Train Station ->Bicycle lane and walk way->Yuanchuan Train Station ->Babao Canal source->Ershui Junior High School or Yuanchuan Elementary School ->Erbawan ancient path->Songpoling.






(2)Ershui Train Station ->Ershui Township Library->Ershui Elementary School across the street->turn right to the Parent and Children Park (a display site for old locomotives)->bicycle lane and walk way->cross the train tracks->Tung Tso Ink Stone Art Museum.



  Ershui Township Tourism Map  


2. Traveling from northern Taiwan to Ershui

(1) High Speed Rail (or Taiwan Rail) routes:


Leave Taipei->Take the High Speed Rail to “Taichung Wuri Station” ->take the train southward->to “Ershui Train Station” or “Yuanchuan Train Station.”


In order to get to “Yuanchuan Train Station,” it is necessary to take the Chichi Train. There are few trains; one train in over an hour, there are about 20 trains going north and south each day. At the farthest, Chichi Train leaves from Taichung Station, some leave from Changhua Station, and the terminal station is Chcheng Train Station of Nantou County. It is also possible to take the Western Line to “Ershui Train Station,” then transfer to Chichi Train to Yuanchuan.

(2) Driving


a. Southward on Highway No.1 or Highway No. 3->at Highway No. 1 198km mark, get off at the Changhua Interchange(Highway No. 3 can connect to Highway No. 1 at 196km)->go down the ramp bearing left->toward downtown Changhua ->go straight bearing right->go to the Central Bridge->turn right on the bridge->go down the bridge to the end->turn right->take Provincial Expressway No. 1->through Huatan, Dacun, Yuanlin, Yunching, Shetou, Tianchung ->Tungmin Road or Yuanchi Road to the end (Yuanchi Road Section 4)->Ershui Township.






b. Highway No. 3->go down Minchian Interchange->Toward Ershui Township ->connect to Changnan Road(Tai 3 Route)->turn right on Nanya Street(Minchian Township)->turn right on Yuanchi Road(County Expressway 152)->go straight->Ershui Township .


3. Traveling from southern Taiwan to Ershui

(1) High Speed Rail (or Taiwan Rail) route:


Leave from Kaohsiung->Take the High Speed Rail to Taibao, Chiayi->Take the train northward->to “Ershui Train Station” ->Transfer to Chichi Train ->to Yuanchuan Train Station.


(2) Driving:


Highway No. 3->get off at Minchian Interchange->Toward Ershui Township ->connect to Changnan Road(Tai 3 Route)->turn right on Nanya Street(Minchian Township)->turn right on Yuanchi Road(County Expressway 152)->go straight->Ershui Township.



Source: References: Dah Chiou Yuan Community Farm

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