Home Origin Motive
Under an incidental chance, the students of sixth grade did a questionnaire about the local product. From the result shown in the questionnaire, we found 48.2% of the students family or relatives are engaged in hosiery industry. And even 53.6% of the students, has ever helped the family to turn over the socks, cut the end of a thread, or pack the socks, etc..
Learning from the result of the questionnaires, although hosiery industry is not as good as tnat ten year ago, half of the families in Shetou are still engaged in hosiery industries.

In this team, there are three teachers and eight students. Someone becomes a bride in Shetou. Someone become a teacher in Shetou by chance. Most of us are destined to be born in Shetou. Seeing the rise and decline of socks industry, a sense of mission was born in our mind. Since all our relatives, friends and neighbors can not break away from the relation with hosiery industry, the relation have strengthened our motive to study the hosiery industry in Shetou.
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