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Kingdom of socks
As the proverb goes: "The old woman barber watches beautiful faces; The men in Shetou watches thighs."
This proverb means that most people in Shetou are doing job related to hosiery, so, they have deep relationship with 'thigh'.
Shetou, a beautiful small town where hills are green and water is clear. Its limpid and sweet mountain spring is pregnant with the juicy and sweet Shetou guava. Residents in Shetou work diligently to set the economic miracle of the socks.
If we have an opportunity to participate in the competition, We should not miss the chance to introduce the local product,the socks, to everybody.
We hope everybody can know the production process of socks more deeply through our research and care more about these socks manufactures who contribute themselves to the economy of Taiwan.
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