Home Origin Plan
Theme: Only socks we produce. Only socks are fun!
1. Understand the development of the socks industry.
2. Know different types of socks.
3. Understand the production procedures of socks
4. Explore the situation of socks sale
1. Collect information: Collect the information relative to socks.
2. Call meeting: Discuss the questions and the matters needed to pay attention to when doing interviews.
3. Practical visit: Go to interview the boss of factories, socks selling places and auctions practically.
4. The network making: Note thoughts of visits and record them in the computer.
Job definition
1. Photographer and video recorder: WeiCong Xiao / Cai Zong Han
2. Information collector: All team members
3. Interviewer: Xie Pei Fen / Ma Xue Qing
4. Interview recorder: Xiao Jing Ru / Xiao Fang Ru
5. Article writer: Chang Yu Jie / Xiao Wan Yu
6. Webpage maker: All team members
First stage
1. Surf the Net and register
2. Discussion of theme with confirming "Only socks we produce. Only socks are fun!"
3. Collect information
4. First meeting: Define job function
5. The preparation for the first visit
6. Visit for the first time: The Shetou hosiery - guava auction
7. Put the interview thoughts in order
8. Note the meeting minute
Second stage
1. Review the content of the visit of last time.
2. Discuss the order of making the webpage.
3. Put film and photo taken in the last visit in order.
4. Prepare for the visit next time: HSIAOTEX ENTERPRISE Co., LTD.
5. Put the interview thoughts in order
6. Put the interview report in order and upload films and photos.
7. Prepare for the visit for the third time: Boarding and dyeing factory.
8. Put the interview report in order and upload films and photos.
9. Fill in materials for webpage
Final stage
1. Put films and photos in order.
2. Begin to upload the documentation to website
3. Begin to make interview procedure record.
4. Introduce the types of socks.
5. Draw the sock baby
6. Produce socks brief
7. Popularize the beauty of Shetou
8. Finish webpage
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