1. Hsin Kang Township Hall, Chia Yi County ˇGhttp://
2. Hisn Kang Foundation of Culture and Education ˇG
3. Introduction to Hsin Kang Township ˇG

4. Chart Illustration of the Dou Liou Earthquake in 1904


5. Taiwan News Network


6. The Tao Tung (Dao Dong) Academy ˇG


7. School Systems and Academies ˇG


8. Vernacular Electronic Books ˇGhttp://www.town-all.org.tw/inside_ee_detail2.asp?BID=89

9. Wen Chang Elementary School , Hsin Kang Township , Chia Yi County


10. Chia Yi County Government ˇGhttp://www.cyhg.gov.tw/
11. ˇ§Briefings by Peaceful World Traditional Folk Dance Society, Chia Yi Countyˇ¨
12. ˇ§Countryside Talks,ˇ¨ Streets in Hsin Kang (1989), pp. 110-3
13. ˇ§History of Hsin Kang Township ,ˇ¨ Chia Yi County Chronicle











International Cyberfair 2007 / Wen Chang Elementary School, Hsin Kang Township, Chia Yi County, Taiwan