About Ling-Jiao-Bo(A grandfather's nickname)

Ling-Jiao-Bo, his real Chinese name is Chun-Feng Zeng, has lived in Zuoying for a half-century. He has planted the water caltrop since 17 years old to this year being already advanced age 78 years old. He makes an inspection tour of his water caltrop fields at 4 or 5 o'clock early morning every day.

He who has planted water caltrop for over 60 years is hearty and hospitable, everybody in Zuoying admires his experiences and his knowledge about water caltrop, so to calls him "Ling-Jiao-Bo(Ling-Jiao is the chinese name of water caltrop; Bo is the chinese title of uncle or grandfather).

The writer is ∼Yu-Di Lin

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Bus: Take No. 205, No. 28, No. 301, or No. 303 from Kaohsiung Station.

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★Chun-Feng Zeng (07)341-3810
★Kaohsiung City Bus (07)749-0515


Ling-Jiao-Bo and his son classified water caltrop just picked.

Lighter water caltrop are surfaced and heavier are sank to the bottom of barrel.

Ling-Jiao-Bo's wife helped him to classify water caltrop.

Try a fresh water caltrop!

Water caltrop just picked tastes as delicious as a pear!

This is Ling-Jiao-Bo's stand.