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The expert explained the development of the water caltrop fields of Zuoying


professor Zeng

One day in September, we visited Zuoying District Office and asked for their help about Zuoying's history. Zuoying District Office recommended professor Zeng to us. Professor Zeng is a master in the history of Zuoying, we visited him and asked him to offer the materials about Zuoying Water Caltrop. The following is the content interviewing Professor Zeng:


Cordial Professor Zeng was born and grew up in Zuoying.

Professor Zeng offered a pile of books about Zuoying for our study.

Professor Zeng explained these ancient maps and photos in detail.

Professor Zeng led us to the Caogong Canal.

The opposite side of our position is Kaohsjung Botanical Garden.

Professor Zeng led us to visit the famous Ling-Jiao-Bo's stand.

Straightforward Yong-Bo is one of the classmates of Professor Zeng.

Many thanks for Professor Zeng's help!

Q:Zuoying Water Caltrop is famous, and Zuoying had a lot of places planted water caltrop in the past, But why does it recently seem to decline?

A: It should be the urbanization, the buildings were built too many, too fast, and a lot of water caltrop fields were turned into buildings.

Zuoying's geology belongs to mud ground which Zuoying's people call "De-We". It perfectly fits to plant water caltrop, and because of that, Zuoying Water Caltrop is very delicious and always be sold in higher price than others areas'.


Q: It is said that Lotus Pond in the past was planted water caltrop, is it true?

A: Lotus Pond was belonged to the Irrigation Association in the past. The Irrigation Association rent it out to farmers to plant water caltrop. Then, Kaohsiung City government bought Lotus Pond 20 years ago. Taking precautions against natural calamities,the government started to dig Lotus Pond deeper, so the Lotus Pond became unfit for water caltrop.


Q: The water caltrop vendors under Banpinshan mountain said: "Farmers who plant water caltrop irrigate their fields with water from Banpinshan Mountain", is true? or other sources of water?

A: Yes, it's true. But irrigable water of here almost come from the Caogong Canal built in Ching Dynasty. There are two canals: the Old Caogong Canal is placed in Fengshan City(an administrative area of Kaohsjung county), and the New Caogong Canal is placed Zuoying.


Q:Professor Zeng, could you tell us the distribution about water caltrop fields at all times of Zuoying ?

A: Railway both sides, by the Banpinshan mountain, Sinjhuangzai Rd and Aozaidi, there are several fields nearby now. I can take you to look at after the interview. there even has a water caltrop boat. There is a specialist who has planted water caltrop over 60 years lives on near the intersection of Sinjhuangzai Rd. and new Sinjhuangzai Rd.. He is quiet famouse and almost knows everything about Zuoying Water Caltrop!



After interview, Professor Zeng was warmhearted to ride his motorcycle and led us to look for the water caltrop fields in Zuoying. He also led us to visit Yong-Bo(a uncle's name) and Ling-Jiao-Bo(a grandfather's name). Under his comment, we and found unexpectedly the past events of The Old Zuoying.