Yi-Wen Chen

I was extremely excited and made up my mind to take this challenge when I knew we were going to take part in the schools cyberfair. In the field-investigation, all of us followed Mr. Zheng to explore Caogong Cannal and Kaohsiung Wetland Corridor. After every exploration to home, I was always exhausted; however, I gained a lot of knowledge from it. Besides, teacher Zheng, a science-technologist, taught us how to use computer software such as PhotoImpact, Dreamweaver and so on. I also benefited greatly from the experience of being a narrator. Therefore, I cherish this valuable experience very much, and I hope to progress with it in the future.

Yu-Ting Chang

During the survey, whatever the weather was, we still did our best to complete the mission with our willpower and patience. We got more instead of losing because we gained a lot of experiences and knowledge from the survey, although it was really a hard work and took us much time to write papers for us. I was really glad when I was chosen to be a formal member. I'll continue working harder to set up web pages better, and I hope our effort is going to have a success.

Po-Chien Wu

During the process of setting up web pages, I found we, the sixth-grade students, are all thirsty for knowledge and learning experience. We learned many skills outside the textbooks when making preparation for Schools Cyberfair, such as how to set up web pages, interview, record, write papers, and post our research journals on the website; moreover, we were getting more interested in researches and expecting to manipulate computer skills with Mr. Zheng. Thank our teachers for giving us a chance to join the Schools Cyberfair. Besides, I 'm so glad to have dear classmates who spent the tough time together.. Because of the people mentioned above,, I benefited and learned more.

Yu-Jou Lee

I was not interested in Schools Cyberfair in the beginning. However, I found I acquired a lot after doing this research, setting up web pages and interviewing specialists. We not only realized the situation of Kaohsiung about polluted rivers and green wetlands, but also learned the skills of setting up web page and using Dreamweaver and PhotoImpact. The study brought us a lot of experiences, so I was getting interested in it as well, even if it was a hard work. Thanks for all teachers; I hope our website will have an excellent performance.

Jian-Kai Chang

This was my first time to take part in Schools Cyberfair. In the beginning, we couldn't adapt to such a hard work; however, we were getting familiar with it and having confidence in setting up web pages after teachers and parents' encouragements. After a series of field-investigation and interviews, I believe as long as Kaohsiung City Government and every citizen make our effort, Kaohsiung is going to become a green and beautiful city soon. I am so glad that I got so much knowledge owing to attending this Schools Cyberfair.

Yun-Jou Lee

I was not so interested in the first beginning when we joined the Schools Cyberfair. However, the deeper I explored, the more meaning of study I realized. Even though it was tough and tired for everyone during the process of field-investigation and typing out research journals, I felt quite cheerful with the completed website. It was not only my painstaking work, but also the effort of my teachers and classmates. I hope we can contribute our own to Caogong Canal by this chance of joining Schools Cyberfair.

Wei-Hsuan Yeh

In every step and process of joining Schools Cyberfair, I learned a lot by proceeding field-investigation, typing research journals, setting up web page, taking part in the activity of wetlands day; moreover, I got closer with my classmates too. I hope this research about Caogong Canal and wetlands can wake everyone's sense of environment protection, and let us know how to protect it. In my opinion, it's the point of this schools Cyberfair after all.

Qing-Rong Lee

At first, I typed up the reports with my reluctance, but I looked up information about the topic by myself afterwards. Although the research was hard for me during the process, I went all out for this Schools Cyberfair, and I benefited from it. Moreover, setting up web pages let our life be more meaningful, so I will do my best to let our work have a wonderful performance on this keen competition. The work represents both us and Dong-Guan Elementary, and I believe it is going to become the best one of Dong Gaun.

Chiao-Ju Lee

It was a challenge for me to join the Schools Cyberfair. We obtained a lot from it although task was so tough and we were so busy wiht it even in winter vacation. It will be aprecious experience to me even if we didn't get the top three. I realized the importance of Caogong Canal which had kept our ancestors alive owing to its competition. However, we ignore the importance of it at present. I believed it will arise every citizen's caring and attention for Caogong Canal by setting up web pages. Every partner who attended this competition did a hard work, and some of them even sacrificed their winter vacation to come to school. I believe we will obtain the top three for sure as long as all of us work together and followed the instructions from Miss Yang, Miss Pan, and Mr.Zheng.

Bing-Xuan Song

I knew nothing about Caogong Canal in the past; however, I acquainted it after Mr. Zheng's instructions. However,. most people have forgotten it, and I hope we can realize how important it is and make it clear through this research.

Yu-Ting Dai

I didn't have any confidence if I could take part in the competition at first because only twenty students are allowed to attend it, but there are twenty-six students in our class. I was so afraid of being knocked out the competition, so I worked harder. After a few months of survey, reports typing, I even sacrificed winter vacation, I got the qualification finally. I hope we can have a great performance in the competition for our hard work.

Shih Wei Kung

I gained a lot of knowledge from Schools Cyberfair although it was so tiring and we had to type reports till 10 p.m. often. I knew a little about wetlands such as Niaosong Wetland and Chengqing Lake; however, I gained more information about wetlands and knew how to improve them since we had joined Schools Cyberfair. During the course, I also learned many skills of manipulating software through setting up web pages. Therefore, attending Schools Cyberfair is a precious experience and a wonderful memory in my mind.

Hung-Chan Lo

Before the field-investigation, I had no ideas about the history of Caogong Canal, and I guessed it might be a stinking ditch. Nevertheless, after a series of research, I knew Caogong Canal contributed much to Kaohsiung area. but people didn't pay much attention to it and damaged ecology and wetlands for draining waste water into it. Now the Kaohsiung City Government has been trying to restore it, and I hope evryone will stand out and take actions.for it.

Yu-Wei Chuang

This was my first time to join the competition in the form of website. After becoming a formal member, I was very happy and a little nervous because our work had to be put on the net; therefore, so we had to work harder to show our best. We almost run around the whole basin of Caogong Canal, wetlands linked by it, and we even did service in return on the day of Global Wetlands day. We gained a lot of knowledge about wetlands and know how important environment protection is to us through a series of activities. We will try our hard to push the project of wetlands protection.

Po-Tung Chen

During the field-investigation we'd done , we followed Mr. Zheng to walked around Caogong Canal,. In the activity of "Lovin in Kaohsiung- Love for wetlands", we knew the importance of wetlands and did our hard to the environment protection. In the course, I learned much; we understood more about Caogong Canal under the instructions of Mr. Zheng and Mr. Xie, besides; Mr. Zheng also taught us to edit pictures by software, so I thanked those teachers who helped us very much.

Chia-Wen Wu

In the beginning, we made a lot of preparation , inclusive of reading many papers and interviewing many specialists. In the field-investigation, we visited many wetlands under the strong sun and in the heavy rain; what we did was all for a perfect website. We saw polluted rivers, walked on green grasslands, and saw dirty riverbanks. Those were the tough processes; however, we gained much knowledge through them, and we thanked every teacher and parent for what they had done to direct and helpus.

Hsi-Heng Yang

This was my first time to join Schools Cyberfair. I considered the competition was quite a meaningful one since our topic is "The Symphony of Water and Green" I had been very serious about the lectures from the beginning because I thought it could be my valuable knowledge even if I weren't able to represent our class to participate in the competition. I was exhausted during the field-investigation, but after that, I felt so relaxed and fulfilled. Those experiences showed that we had overcome the hardship, and we had made it.

Pinh-Lien Tsai

At first, I was very nervous when I knew we were going to attend Schools Cyberfair. The worse news was we were behind other opponents for two months long. Foutunately, under Mr. Zheng's clear instructions in the field-investigation everything was going well. We came to school to edit our data, write reports, andset up web pages every day even in winter vacation. Finally, we caught up with others owing to everyone's efforts. Hopefully our website will be a big success.

Yu-de Hsu

In the beginning, I knew little about Caogong Canal, considering it just a dirty ditch. Nevertheless, after four-month study, I was getting to understand that Caogong Canal can't be replaced since it has rich meaning in both history and irrigation functions. However, under the rapid development of urbanization, Caogong Canal has been gradually ignored by people, and the basin of it ahs become where factories drain waste water. Therefore, the fate of Caogong Canal needs us to protect together.

Shan-Yun Hou

I was extremely glad to have a chance to take part in Schools Cyberfair. I was not willing to join it when teacher announced we were going to register the competition in November. However, I experienced the interest after several times of field-investigation. After that, I gradually,felt the ones truly in hard work were not us but teachers, because teachers not only play an important role in registering and contacting for us and led us to join all activities. Besides, in our first and second field-investigations, we were under the hot weather; the third one is proceed under the rainy and chilly weather. We were all exhausted. Nevertheless, what we did was accomplished fortunately. We did thank teachers for giving us this unforgettable experience.

Ping-Hang Peng

It is my first time to join the Schools Cyberfair. We spent our holidays for field-investigation. We used the small-group courses to type out our investigation diaries and word-by-word voice records. What's more, we also spent our winter vacation to make preparation for the cyberfair. Although it is a bit hard-working (actually, not a bit only), our research results really can make people know much more about the Caogong Canal and wetland corridors in Kaohsiung City. I just feel our efforts are finally paid off. With this special experience, I have much more clear ideas about the cyberfair in future. I want to send my best thanks to our teachers like Miss Pan, Miss Yang and the superb Mr. Chen.

An-Yan Chang

Well! We're done with our jobs for the cyberfair! This time, I have seen everyone work so hard! However, I find myself less active in this activity. Anyway, I am deeply moved by the achievement made by everyone. Alright, back to my topic, I do feel if the Earth is vanished or destroyed, people like you and I should be the ones blamed most. No doubt, everyone should take the responsibility. After all, the restoration speed of the Earth still cannot catch up with the pace of people's greedy destruction. Thus, environmental conservation is never something under few people's responsibility! It should quite urgent for people to cooperate for environmental protection responsibly! It is my hope that with our research, everyone can pay attention to this issue.

Yu-Ju Chen

In Schools Cyberfair, we did our best to catch up with other opponents and exceeded them more than over three thousand hours even though we were late for registration. In this competition, I thanked teacher Zheng and Mr. Zheng most. Teacher Zeng taught us how to manipulate web-page editing software,.Mr.Zheng led us to do field research. Because of them, we could set up such a wonderful website. During the process, we know more about Caogong Canal due to Mr. Zheng's leading. And of course, we all thanked for the help from Miss Yang and Miss Pan; I hope we can go further afterwards because of this competition.

Cheng-Yu Chen

This is my first time to join the Schools Cyberfair. On the weekends, we spent our free time doing field-investigation. Some class hours were also used for web page preparation and information gathering. Our elder school mates have won the championship for two years in a row,, we have to make more hard-working efforts. To follow their outstanding examples, everyone went all out for this contest. Because of our hard-working efforts, we can experience the delight from every effort we've made. Happy learning result in high efficiency and everything will be well done naturally. A good beginning means the best shot close to success. We keep on our efforts to follow the outstanding examples set by our elder classmates.

Hong-Wei Li

This is my first time to take part in the Taiwan Schools Cyberfair, but I am afraid it would be the last time for me to join the fantastic contest during my elementary school years. The next time for me to join this contest will probably be in my junior high school years. Anyway, I still take huge interest in the cyberfair. Although I was not selected to join the contest on behalf of our class, I still learned a lot interesting things about history during the field-investigation, such as the history of the Caogong Canal. I also took a sightseeing visit to the wetland corridors around Kaohsiung City. Hopefully, through our project, we can inspire more people to extend more concerns and affection on our hometown, the beloved land - Taiwan.

Wei-Yun Liao

I firstly join Schools Cyberfair and I feel quite thrilled about this experience. I heard my elder school mates had won excellent rewards for the past two contests. Their excellent performance really put much pressure in my mind. Led by our teachers, we started our efforts from investigation diaries to field research. We also spent our winter vacation helping each other make the web site. Despite of hard working efforts, we still learned much from this experience. I must give my thanks to teachers and parents for their generous help. A proverb saying goes well, "no pains, no gains". After everyone's effort, all achievement is unforgettably sweet. If we can perform well in the contest, every effort we made would be certainly worthy!

Chao-Ying Pan

This was my first time to conduct such a big competition; however, we were late for starting, so I was in great fear. Fortunately, Mr. Zheng and Miss Yang were all out to give us a hand and we resolved many difficulties together. During the course, I saw the ability of execution and instruction from both teachers and found the infinite potential on children waiting to discover. In this process, children were learning, and so was I. In spite of difficulties when we were conducting the research, the most gratified and appreciated thing was seriousness and development of children. After severe study for the past four months, we had done a perfect work finally. I am sure all of us gained much more than the website showed. I'm so proud of you all!!

Yi-Lun Yang

Although it is the 3rd time for me to conduct students to join the cyberfair, every participation means increasing efforts we have to make. It is because that means we have to make a web site with deep and delicate contents. The time and energy. we've spent was beyond words. To gather the most abundant information, all of us, including teachers and students, spared no effort for web page authoring day and night. Despite the sweating efforts, when fruitful achievement is done, every effort we made seems to be nothing worthy of murmur anymore.

Wen-Chieh Chen

Actually, I have joined the cyberfair for 3 times. With the experiences of past two contests, I got more knowledge proficient in web page designing and authoring. However, our topic for this project is featured with wider coverage and it took us more time to prepare, inclusive of deciding our website topic, doing field-investigation, photographing, and doing personal interviews.. Fourthermore, almost all the winter vacation was spent for web page authoring. Although we made all efforts for any possible preparation, from students' nimble skills in their own tasks with insightful web page contents and knowledge about wetlands, everything comes to a worthy conclusive ending. What it values more is we still could join the feedback with our community service. Every member is certainly qualified to be a narrator for the activities of Wetland Day. As a result, I'm sure our efforts are definitely worthwhile.

Wen-Chien Chen

About the Taiwan Schools Cyberfair, this is the 3rd time for the cooperation between the Fengshan Chihshan Culture and History Studio and Kaohsiung Dong-Guan Elementary School. We can find students' and teachers' best efforts for the cyberfair this year. The challenge we had faced was much bigger than those ones in the past year. This year, we engaged in the web page authoring with its considerable difficulty of divergent dimensions involving ecology, geography, landscape and human culture. Anyway, to my great admiration, students still endeavored to complete the assigned tasks. Every tiny really counts when a big success is coming. Once best effort was spent, everything can be reached. With our efforts, I have confidence that we will have higher performance this time.

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