Researching Processes and Methods



5.06, 2006

Learning how to initiate interviews

Starting from last year, we offered a series of courses focused on learning the skills of initiating interviews, including mock practice interviews for our interviewers. This was the first step for field-investigation.

5.9, 2006
5.27, 2006

Little anchorman ¢w
A practice in verbal expression

During our research, we discovered that verbal expression is a necessary key skill. During broadcasting sessions, all our endeavors were self initiated, from choosing topics, editing drafts and reporting on news. By doing so, we finely tuned our professionalism.

5.30, 2006
6.10, 2006
Learning how to manipulate a digital camera
Learning the skills of manipulating a camera is an essential part of investigative reporting. Under the instruction of our experienced teachers, everyone involved grasped the opportunity to learn and became an expert photographer.
10.3, 2006
10.7, 2006

Review the skills of altering photos by PhotoImpact

When it comes to web design, the ability to utilize the powerful functions of photo editing functions offered by Photoimpact is essential.Our whole class set aside time to refresh our skills of using the numerous functions available with PhotoImpact and we became more familiar with this software .
10.10, 2006
11.4, 2006

¡@Learning how to use Dreamweaver


We scheduled one month of our time in the learning of Dream weaver. By the end of the course, everyone had completed their very own web pages along with web developing skills.

11.15, 2006
11.23, 2006

Registration for Schools Cyberfair and Research Direction

It was a last- minute sign-up for the Schools Cyberfair. After contemplating Mr. Wen-chien Cheng's suggestion, we decided to entitle our topic "Building a fragrant waterfront- making pilgrimages to Caogong Canal and Ecological Corridor."
The first lecture offered for Cyberfair¢w Acquainting ourselves with the Chao Jin and Chaogong Canal.

In order to gain a basic knowledge in this field of research, Mr. Wen-Chien Cheng who works for Fong Yi Chi Shan Literature & History Studio prepared four related lectures. Those who attended were enlightened by professor Cheng's discourse and gained greater knowledge of the construction of Caogong Canal, known as a magnificent and elaborate engineering.

Visiting Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government
So as to gain a greater understanding into the development of Kaohsiung City's current "Ecological Wetland Corridor", we spent a whole afternoon interviewing Public Works Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government. Along with listening to the brief presentation prepared, we also had the opportunity to voice our questions and to benefit from other information they provided.
12.7, 2006

The second lecture offered for Cyberfair¢w discussing Caogong Canal's current condition along with Kaoshiung's strategic agenda for the water system.

We invited Miss. Yi-chen Hsieh from Wetlands Taiwan Organization Organization,who is responsible for matters concerning Ecological Corridor, to explain the current condition of Kaohsiung's water route system and unresolved problems. We also learned the impacts of damaging Caogong Canal.
12.9, 2006

The first field- investigation

We started our investigation from the head of Caogong canal, Jiu Qu Tang we proceeded towards the mouth of where Cianjhen River and Love River pour into the ocean, mainly around the flowing zone of Old Caogong Canal.
The second field- investigation
Our second investigation began at the New Caogong Canal which is located in the northern part of Kaohsiung, including Cheng Ching Lake, Love River, Neiweipi Pond, and Lotus Pond.

and combining collected data

We went online to search the works of our senior classmates, relating to the stories about the"A Story about Caojin and Caogong Canal." After collecting this data we did in-depth reading and information combination.

The third lecture offered for Cyberfair¢w
An introduction of wetlands and creatures .
In order to gain a better understanding of the definition of wetlands and of the ecology , our teacher invited Mr. Xue-hua Luu, who works for Kaoshiung Wild Bird Society, over to give us a lecture.
12.16 ,2006
Third field- investigation
Our main topic of project this time was focused on the wetlands in Kaoshong City, inclusive of Banping Lake Wetland, Indigenous Plant Garden, Neiweipi Pond, Lotus Pond and The old East Gate Moat.

The fourth field- investigation

Our footprints spanned all over Kaoshiung, from the south to the north, including Fong Shan Dongfu Bridge, Matsu Harbor Bridge, Yuanjhong Harbor Wetland, University of Kaohsiung's Eco-Ponds, and Yanshuei Harbor Wetland.Visiting these places in person helped us to know the differences of upstream and lower reaches of Caogong Canal.
Organizing our rough draftsVerifying the structure of our website

After organizing the rough drafts from our investigation, we organized all of our collected precious data, and decided that Caogong canal would be the focal point of our topic. After verifying the structure and organization of our web pages, we decided to retitled our topic "A Symphony of Water and Green-Towards a Rebirth of Caogong Canal and a New Fragrant Waterfront Kaohsiung"
The fifth field- investigation

That time we went to Yuanjhong Harbor Wetland, along with Jhongdu Love River Wetland and Neiweipi Wetland to initiate interviews. Along with this, we also visited "Blooming Waterfront Vision Hall" at No.13 Pier along the Love River shore, in hopes to gain a better understanding of projects launched by Kaoshiung City Government to beautify its riverbanks. At the same time, we took pictures to keep records of the places we had visited on that day.


The fourth lecture offered for Cyberfair- future prospects for developing Kaoshiung's Wetland Ecological Corridor

After reaching the end of a series of lectures, Mr. Cheng discussed with us and he wrapped up what we had absorbed in class into one final conclusion. At the same time, he shared with us about his expectation of Caogong Canal.
The sixth field-investigation

In the field-investigation to Chouchai Wetland last time, we were locked out. This time, we prearranged our field-investigation and finally got the access into Chouchai Wetland..
There was a volunteer lady named Ms. Zeng, who gave us a guided tour of the ecology here at Chouchai Wetland.


Watching "Bearing Caogong Canal in mind" video

During our first field-investigation, a reporter of Public Channel followed us the whole time, taking pictures and shooting a documentary video called, "Bearing Caogong Canal in Mind". Our teacher set aside a class to watch this program together, allowing us to get a professional perspective on this matter. We took notes during the program and wrote down our reflections after watching the video.


Typing up reports from the organized data
After the structure of the website was decided, our task was to fill the content. Each topic was assigned to individuals in our team. Each team member read thoroughly their resources then reiterated what we had learned in our own words. The whole process was very stringent.
Special web designing class

At the same time, we set aside some time to learn additional software including both swish and fireworks for our website. After the training, our skills in designing and animation increased significantly. Incorporating with our new skills when making the website, we were finally finished with a more delicate and terrific website.

Web pages designing
After completing the website sample, we started to place our assigned context individually into web pages along with selecting suitable photos, and adding art work and descriptions. Even though all those might sound simple, it took an enormous amount of our precious time just to put all of these together into web pages, even to the extent that we spent our winter vacation in the computer lab at school.

Wetlands drawing contest
After placing our reports onto our website, we realized the portion about Caogong Canal was too dry. In order to make our website more vivacious, our teachers asked us to draw pictures of expected visions of Caogong Canal. Surprisingly, everyone was so creative, and many wonderful pieces of art were done.

Evaluation and interview regarding to the construction of wetlands at school

The executive director Su from Wetlands Taiwan Organization visited our school for interviews and evaluated the wetland construction in our school. Due to the budget limit and consumption of time, our school was unable to construct wetlands rich in ecological system in such a short period of time. However, we did gain valuable insight and conceptual understanding from this experience.


World Wetlands Day Preparation

In the first week of winter vacation, we placed all of our efforts in the World Wetlands Day activity, putting together 17 marvelous bulletin bulletin boards, along with drawing pictures and making 6-paged pamphlets, All of us became professional commentators in explaining our research.


Service in return activity"World Wetlands Day" at Chouchai Wetland

The World Wetlands Day activity that was held at Chouchai Wetland made us successfully gain the attention of all. Even our VIP guest, Mayor Chen Ju was so impressed by our stage performance. We also delivered the concerns about the problems Caogong Canal had encountered to the public. It is surely a meaning act.


Interviewing a volunteer worker at Chouchai Wetland

In our fourth visit to Chouchai Wetland, we initiated an interview with a volunteer worker, Qing-jia Zeng.


Our second visit to the Public Works Bureau

In our second visit to Public Works Bureau, we interviewed Director Wu. Mr. Wen-chien Cheng and Miss. Yi-chen Hsieh joined a special trip with us to initiate interviews as well.


The organization and presentation of our data, along with the valid connection of our web pages.

All of the students put together web pages with prearranged codes and successfully uploaded all information onto a collective hard drive so as to ease the job of our teacher,allowing him to download web pages from one location and to make any necessary readjustments. Our project was almost done.
2.27, 2007
Uploading some background music to our website.
We complemented our website with some fitting background music. After wrapping up all the untied ends, we uploaded all the data and obtained the qualification for initiate competition.

2.27, 2007
3.1, 2007

Last revisions and organization of our research journals.

Using our last moments to inspect the context of our own website and to run all the last tests. Besides, we organized our research journals and finalized our four-month project.



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