Heroes Behind the Scenes


Mr. Wen-Chien Cheng

Mr. Cheng of Feng Yi Chi Shan Literature & History Studio is one of our research councilors. Besides providing us witth valuable project subject and material, he also arranged a series of profuse lectures. Besides, all of field-investigations were carried out under his instructions. He made the most professional and profound guiding and introduction. Therefore, Mr. Cheng's contribution was undeniable for this project.

Miss. Yi-Chen Hsieh

Miss Yi-Chen Hsieh is the director of Wetlands Taiwan Organization, who has a thoroughly investigation of current condition of Caogong Canal and provided us wiht resolutions. She is also one of important deliverers of Chouchai Wetland. Through her lecture and interviewing her, we did learn a lot.

Mr. Xue-Hua Luu

Mr. Luu works for Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society and he has a rich experience in guiding. Through his teaching and explanation during field-investigation, we had a better idea of ecological system and wetlands. In the third field-investigation, he also introduced us a variety of native plants in Indigenous Plant Garden.

All parents

All parents had given us, both teachers and students, the best spirit support. There were many outdoor visiting and field-investigations during our research processes. These enthusiastic parents were in charge of driving all the way and learned with us as well. They helped resolve the transportation concerns and share responsibility for students' safety. They were our best backups.

Mr. Hung-Mou Wu

Mr. Wu, the new Chief of Public Works Bureau,especially spared some time to accept our interview. He opened up to all currently launched construction projects and visions of Wetland Ecological Corridor. We did sense the efforts Kaohsiung City Government had put into.

Mr. Hui-Ming Peng

During our second visit at Public Works Bureau, Director Peng made a comment to the questions that we asked. Besides making more detailed explanation, he also provided us with related documentations to enrich our website information.

Ms. Miao-Chen Wang

During our two visits at Public Works Bureau, Ms. Miao-Chen Wang explained the contents of slides, and she recommended us the book of "Listen, the Wetland Is Singing!", which helped us usunderstand the project of Wetland Ecological Corridor of Kaohsiung City. She also provided us with more valuable information in our second visit as well.

Mr. Yao-Ting Su

Mr. Su is one of executive dircetors of Wetlands Taiwan Organization. He was not only invited to evaluate the possibility of wetlands construction in our school, but also the one who made the connection with Wetlands Taiwan Organization for us. That's why we could participate in the service in return activity on "World Wetlands Day"at Chouchai Wetland. We express our thanks to him for giving us the opportunity to do something meaningful to our society. Moreover, when he had an interview with us, he shared with us everything he knew about current conditions and future development of Chouchai Wetland and Banping Lake wetland.

Mr.Yu-Yan Wu

Mr.Yin-Qiang Chang

Mr. Ching- Chia Tseng

These three gentlemen are volunteers from Wetlands Taiwan Organization. They station at Chouchai Wetland. We had visited Chouchai Wetland for a couple of times and they enthusiastically provided us all the precious pictures taken while Chouchai Wetland was under construction. For the activity of "World Wetlands Day", they helped us contact and decorate. We were really moved by what they had done to us. With all their aids, we also had a chance to see the original appearance and construction process of Chouchai Wetland.

Mr. Hsi-Hu Yang

While we were carrying out investigation at Hougang Canal, we ran into a local resident, Mr. His-Hu Yang. He described what Hougang Canal was like in the past before it was polluted. Under his introduction, we appreciated the original beauty of Hougang Canal.

Mr. Feng-Jung Luu

Mr. Feng-Jung Luu is the resident next to Da Jiang Temple of Niao Song Township. He had been suffered from floods every summer. Through his description, we listened to a real statement of insufficient reconstruction of upstream of Caogong Canal.

Mr. Jung-Fa Cheng

The old gentleman, Mr. Zeng is a local resident of destined location for Yuan-chung Port Wetland. Due to the levy of fish farms by Kaohsiung City Government ,he is going to move soon. Therefore, we asked him about his points of view and thoughts.

Ms. Zeng, volunteer at Choucahi Wetland

On Dec 26, we went to Chouchai Wetland to proceed our second visit.Under the volunteer worker, Mr. Zeng's explanation, we came to realize the construction process of Chouchai Wetland and had a better idea of plants and creatures inhabiting here. .

Principle Shu-Pin Chien

Ms. Chien is the principle of our school. She has good accomplishments in manipulating computer. During the process of this research, especially in winter vacation, she not only came to school to encourage us frequently, but also provided us with a lot of snacks and meals, which made us more energetic proceeding our project. Furthermore, she had checked our web site for valid connection and corrected wrong words every day. What she did for us was really touching.

Mr. Ji-Pei Wang

Mr. Wang is our web-page director for this research. Due to his instruction, we had a great progress in making and designing our web pages. The website couldn't be done perfectly without his assistance.

Reporter Dai-Ping Chang

Dai-ping Chang, the reporter of Public Channel, followed us all day long while we were conducting field-investigation. She collected all the efforts we had done and made a program called"Bearing Caogong Canal in Mind" to the public. We saw the learning traces of us, and most importantly, the video showed what problems Caogone had faced and how hard it was to restore it. Indeed, Caogong Canal deserves every citizen's concerns, and we're sure the video would arouse everyone's awareness about it. We shall express our thanks to her for caring about our society.


Ya-Ju Chuang

I-Hsien Lee

Yo-Sheng Chen

Sze Yong Lee

Jackson Lo

Candy Young

Yi-Lun Lee

Yi-Chen Liao

Ya-Yun Cheng

Ming-Chen Chen


Ya-Ju is a soon-to-be graduate student and freelance translator.I-Hsien is a graduate student at National Sun Yat-sen University. In order to express vividly what we wanted to present, they read much related information before translating the website content. These people, including the rest, also made a lot of efforts, which help our project more fluent. They assisted us when we need help.We thank them very much for what they have done for our website.


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