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May Every Person Become An Angel

In this project,we have

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We¡¦d like to say thanks to all our friends who have helped us throughout this research.

In the School¡G

1.Thanks to Principle Shiung-lung Hu who provided the biggest support and backup to this team.

2.Thanks to Teachers Chi-ming Yang and Ke-hung Chen who made adjustments to their time and syllabus content to accommodate us during our research, they had provided us with the greatest assistance.

Governmental Departments¡G

  • Thanks to LanyuTown Hall for assisting us, especially Ms. Mei-lun Chou who meticulously spoke to us about the related elderly social benefits and aid policies available to the elderly people.

  • Thanks to Lanyu Health Station for their assistance, especially Sisters Shu-hui and Eng-ci who provided us with the related information on diseases and causes of deaths of Lanyu¡¦s elderly people.

  • Thanks to Ju-yu Jiang at Lanyu Home Affairs for providing us with the related data on the population distribution of the elderly people in the various villages.

At the Association¡G

  • Most thanks to Aunt Shu-lan, who while writing her Master¡¦s thesis, had to accommodate for our interviews and provided us with all the relevant data throughout the research.

  • More thanks to Executive Shu-mei Chang and Shin-yi for accepting our interviews on the establishment of the Association to its current operations, and we admire this group of selfless people even more.

Community Volunteers ¡G

  • Thanks to Mrs. Bao-gui Chiang, Mrs. Jie Li, Mrs. Bai-chi Chiang and Mrs. Chi-yun Hsieh, who, besides letting us understand about volunteers work, but also took us to the homes of the individuals truly participate in and record their work.
  • Also thanks to the Head of the Parent¡¦s Teachers Association, Mr. Yung-chuan Hsieh, for sharing with the students his article, ¡§An Introductory View of the Traditional View of Death in Tao ¡V the Perspective of Iraraley¡¨, which allowed us to obtain a more accurate understanding concerning the deeper meanings of traditional culture¡¦s views on ¡§death¡¨, during our research.