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Developmental background

Family Introduction

¡@¡@ Si. Yabushukayin, born in TungchingVillage, LanyuTownship, in TaitungCounty, is a small Yami girl with clear bright eyes.Lanyu, the island on the Pacific Ocean in the Taiwanese Area, is the first to receive light from the sun every morning, which drives away the previous night¡¦s wet darkness.But the Yami girl never thought that, by working silently for the elderly people on the island, she gave out tiny glows which bit-by-bit also gathered to become a shining beam, one that spoke for, and drove away the darkness in, the elderly people¡¦s hearts, through ¡§respect¡¨ and ¡§caring¡¨, and the elderly people have began to laugh while they faced the future bravely!¡§She¡¨ is our well-known Aunt Shu-lan Chang.

( Aunt Shu-lan )


¡@¡@ In Shu-lan¡¦s home, there is her father, mother and 5 spouses.Her father is TungchingVillage¡¦s priest and works at the church, while her mother follows tradition and does farming like the average Yami woman.Each of her spouses are successful in their field of work, one of her brothers and sisters hold the position as the Village Head and another works in the police force, and she also has a younger sister who, like herself, also does nursing.Her family was Aunt Shu-lan¡¦s biggest support when she established the Lanyu Homecare Association.

( Aunt Shu-lan andr family )


Family Importance

¡@¡@ Aunt Shu-lan said, ¡§In my family I¡¦m most grateful for my dad!¡¨This is because when the Association was established her father was severely doubted and pressurized by the village, as since its duty was to care for the elderly people their services had greatly contradicted traditional beliefs.For example, it is believe in Yami culture that when the elderly person in the family becomes ill, then it should be the responsibility of the family to take care of him/her, because if an outsider took care of the ill elderly person then it insinuates that perhaps the elderly person¡¦s family or children was not present, which was thought to be in-a-way cursing the family member to die.

¡@¡@ Furthermore, during filming of ¡§In The Face of Evil Spirits¡¨, Aunt Shu-lan had also encountered much opposition - there were people that questioned whether Aunt Shu-lan was using the filmed images to make profits.Thus with great difficulty the approval of the filmed subjects and their families were obtained, however when the films were played in the village with the hope to attract more volunteer workers, what returned was waves of antagonism and unhappy cries, since the film showed people that had already passed away it was a greatly tattooed in Yami culture!The opposing wave was unexpectedly overwhelming, and some even blamed Aunt Shu-lan¡¦s father for not teaching his child properly!In Yami society, this was a very awful, almost disgracing, accusation.This stumble had almost destroyed Aunt Shu-lan¡¦s passion and she had thought at the time that there would be no resolve!She did not want to carry on, but in the end, her father gave her the strength to start over again!

¡@¡@ ¡§If you believe it is right, then you must carry on!If you become tired then pray to God!He will direct you¡¨, these were her father¡¦s words!Although her father was blamed by the villagers for her work, he still encouraged her to carry on!In our interview we truly felt the presence of an Angel, who always accompanied another group of angels and worked silently in the background!Only a family filled with ¡§love¡¨ and ¡§support¡¨ could raise such an Angel.

(Left one is Aunt Shu-lan's father)




Experiences When Growing Up

¡@¡@ The family interactions between Aunt Shu-lan and her family are excellent, which was also the reason that all her family members had supported the Association in continuing its duty.Her older sister, Shu-mei Chang in particular, had especially returned from Taiwan to help her in Lanyu, and currently holds the position of Association Executive.Her family memories were that, from when she was young her parents and spouses have lived happily together, her spouses and her were especially close and took care of each other, and although her parents did not demand their children to perform well academically, they did raise them to have proper attitudes when dealing with people, which was expected from a young age!Thus when Aunt Shu-lan thinks about her experiences while growing up, every time when she confronted obstacles she would immediately seek help from her family to break through the difficulty, and then she won¡¦t be afraid or run away!This was probably the effect of the attitude towards work bestowed by her parents from young.