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Changhua County Hsichou Township has one characteristic company, and its history begins with the resistance of water protection in Hsichou Township. The reason is that CTSP-4 in Erlin Township was scheduled to embed the water pipe from Tzutsaipi Ditch of Hsichou to draw water to CTSP-4. At that time, in order to protect the source~Mother River relied by agriculture, the villagers in Hsichou opposed in a group that CTSP-4 robbed them of water and launched the resistance campaign. Later, in order to retrieve the dignity of agriculture and also to develop the agricultural characteristics of Hsichou, a group of farmers further formed the Hsichou Shangshui Water Farmer Co. Ltd without efforts.

The biggest characteristic of the company: it not only provides commodity, it also cooperates with farmers to develop non-toxic and organic agriculture and win the practical interest for farmers.

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Development status

Since 2013, with the assistance of “Conservation Project on National Important Wetlands”, the company has developed the “Restoration Project on Paddy Wetland” with Tzutsaipi Ditch Association. When the agricultural products are acquired, 0.01 acre of land is acquired with reasonable price to ensure farmers’ benefits, no matter how much the production amount is. The company advocates organic agriculture and cooperates with farmers, and avoids using any “specific medicine” in insect or weeding control. In this way, consumers’ rights and interests are really guaranteed from the source, which will benefit both farmers and consumers.
Hsichou Shangshui Water Farmer Co. Ltd has promoted the activities related to agriculture one and another since its establishment, for instance, the Rice Tasting Fair was held in December of 2013 and Wangshui music concert was held in August of 2014

Ms. Yin-ningWu, the founder of the company says that the company also deals with visit, exhibition, lecture, working holiday, books, beverage, food and cultural creativity. The idea of the entire company includes the emotion between persons. Company address: No.50, Fuhsing Road., Hsichou Village., Hsichou Township, Changhua County. Welcome everyone to visit our company!

1. Shangshui Rice Project

With the experience of the water protection resistance, the fragrant and soft rice is irrigated along the riverside of Zhuoshui River, with rice grains separated! If such excellent water, rice and land are always destroyed, the efforts of farmers protecting this piece of land will be wasted. Therefore, the first move was made for creating the ecological wetland in 2013. “Paddy Wetland Project” is used to organize farmers and give the reasonable labor security, and the rice cultivated in this Paddy Wetland is called “Shangshui Rice”.

2.Happy Pear/Pear Paradise

The origin of Pear Paradise: an old couple in Hsichou Township is too old to continue their farming, but they are unwilling to see their pear garden to be cut off and deserted. In the beginning of 2013, several young people working in Hsichou took over this piece of pear garden, and these young people learn from the land and nature with great effort and try their best to coexist harmoniously with insects and birds. The legendary “plain pear” is integrated at the right point due to its flesh, pear fragrance, moisture and sweetness. Being called as “Happy Pear” is because the peer is black, and it is hoped that everyone will feel happy while eating the pears.


3.Local food materials / nutritional lunch

In order to decrease the food miles and eat the safe and fresh food for children, “Local Food Material Project in Kindergarten” is developed so that children are able to eat the organic agricultural products at school grown in the next-door neighbors.

4.Cheng Gong Hotel/Agricultural Bookstore

Taisugar was ever headquartered in Hsichou, bringing prosperity to the local place at that time. Some people wanted to work in the Taisugar, causing the demands for accommodation. Hence, the “hotel” arose accordingly. The original name of Cheng Gong Hotel is “Da Lin Hotel”, and it is changed as “Cheng Gong Hotel” due to the change in house owner
This hotel has existed for over 50 years and is stored well with its structure of wooden architecture. As Taisugar headquatars needed to move back to Taipei, Cheng Gong Hotel also went out of business in 1995.

This Cheng Gong Hotel has gone through nearly one hundred years and is now renovated to be Agricultural Bookstore, also the base of Hsichou Shangshui Water Farmer Co. Ltd.


Through this research, we have summarized the importance of Hsichou Shangshui Water Farmer Co. Ltd to farmers and consumers, and its existence not only can ensure consumers’ benefits, but also help farmers gain more earnings; it achieves the two purposes at the same time. We hope to spread their ideas out via this research.


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