°@The earliest farmer°¶s markets founded in Taiwan were Hope Market and Chung Hsing Farmer °•s Market, founded in the year 2001. Their foods are all organic, natural, cultivating crops without the use of pesticides , chemical fertilizers, hormones, and their processed foods do not contain any food additives. There are about 34 farmer°¶s markets in Taiwan at present. The foods have undergone organic authentication. The farmers use the eco-friendly way of farming, not using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, sweeteners, etc.

°@In December of 2010, Be Good House of Hualien farmer°¶s market was established. In the course of its two years of development, it has three locations at present: at the Railway Culture Park, 2nd building, at Hualien Culture Creative Zone, and at Dong Hua University, with business hours being on Saturdays, 09°G00°„13°G00, 15°G30°„19°G30, and on Tuesdays, 11°G00°„13°G30, respectively.

°@Be Good House of Hualien farmer°¶s market is different from the other farmer°¶s markets in the area, in that it sells mainly farm products. It has big plans and visions since it started. Prof. Jian-Fu Tsai of National Dong-Hua University led a group of students and researchers, and invited the small farmers of organic food who had ideals, and cultural workers to join them, and created a platform of multiple connections, the purpose of which was for the market to not just sell and make money, but also to let even many people know about the local features of Hualien, to understand the meaning of °•Friendly Agriculture°¶, and to let the manufacturers and the consumers work hand in hand together to preserve the healthiness and wealth of our lands.

°@Be Good House has one important feature, and it is to let the consumers and the farmers to become friends face to face. That is why besides the market, it also holds outdoor activities from time to time. The consumers are invited as guests to the farmer°¶s house and take a personal look into his farm fields, and understand the actual work of the farmer, and build up mutual trust between them. The farmer can also provide the costumers with results of the testing on the soil, water, and crops, as supplementary system of trust.

°@According to the data provided by the Council of Agriculture, in the sixties, 50 percent of the people in Taiwan were farmers. During those times, people mostly ate the crops they grew, and the excess of which they sold in the market, or gave to their friends and relatives for free. But now, the number of farmers has gone down to 10%, which means that few people grow food for the masses, even to the point that the foods we consume are imported from other countries. We have no idea of what we ingest into our body. Because of this, Be Good House farmer°¶s market gathered together these good farmers who are full of ideals. Some come a long the way from Ruei Shuei, Yu Li, Feng Lin to set up stalls in Hualien. Aside from selling their products, they are even willing to share the joys and sorrows of cultivating organic crops, and to persist in their practice of their ideals. These farmers use natural farming methods, Besides not using pesticides, or fertilizers, there is one special feature, which is planting different crops in a land to control harmful pests problems. Hence, although the crops that the farmers plant are varied, the yield coming from each crop is not high.

°@Once the consumers and the farmers become friends, they can support and encourage one another. The farmers will provide healthy food to give back to the customers, and the customers, in return, will support the livelihood of the farmers by purchasing their products. This °•face to face°¶ arrangement will reduce the amount of products of unknown origins in our community, and also reduces food risks to its minimum. And also without getting exploited by middle men, the small-time farmers can gain substantial profits, to support them in their persistence in cultivating the natural way, to produce even healthier and much better food. 

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