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Can you give me a “kiss”?

Anchovy larvae, one of the most common calcium rich foods known to most, may have a common appearance, but it has many hidden secrets unknown to us.
During the class our teacher told us that anchovy larvae is not a species of fish, it’s a general term for the larvae of hundreds of species of fish.  We were all shocked. We never thought that the anchovy larvae we’ve been eating all these years were actually fish fries that didn’t have a chance to mature. A meal of anchovy larvae would equal to thousands of fishes down our throat, and if we continue to capture anchovy larvae over a long period of time, the marine ecosystem would be greatly affected. Since we’ve eaten all the small fishes, the big fishes wouldn’t have anything to eat. Not only would this cause serious destruction to the food chain, it would also affect the marine ecosystem which may lead to the complete demise of the coastal fishery.
Through plays we went to different classes to promote awareness and we also gave out questionnaires near the university. Through the questionnaire we discovered that most of the people knew that anchovy larvae is a general term for the larvae of hundreds of species and they also were aware of the fact that the consuming of anchovy larvae would lead to the destruction of the marine ecosystem. Most of the people were willing join our cause and show their support for the protecting of anchovy larvae and saving of the marine ecosystem.

  • Questionnaires and Promotion~ Is anchovy larvae a species of fish?

    1. Prepare questionnaire: inquire of knowledge relative to anchovy larvae and the frequency of consumption.
    2. Conduct Survey: handout questionnaires in school, and conducted interview at the university

  • Seminar & Interview

    1. Attend the seminar “ The end of the line~ A Talk About Taiwan’s Diet and Ecological Conservation” .
    2. Conduct Interview: interviewed Mr. Guang-chao Tsou

  • Follow the Seafood Guide~ Investigation and Interview at the Fish Market

    1. Buy Seafood according to the “Seafood Guide”
    2. Actual Visit of the Fish Market

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