The case study plan this time is how to instruct the outline to combine together with your school ?

     Because classmates of grade two , three are own through possessing the computer foundation, learn the making skill of PhotoImpact and Flash ahead of time more than the new students of grade one, receive training again in addition, on summer vacation, just arrange to these two subjects after the new term begins, so it is very easy to operate ! In addition, the teacher mentions ' the attitude towards study ' too, it is not temperature for three minutes to study any thing, not when being been exposed to this special topic yet before this, we have half knowledge to wushu, there are schoolmates of corporations of one wushu and Cai JieYi winning honour for the school to only know school corporation activity time each time, but has listened to the big fist under the comment of the few straight brightness coaches of coach and witch of haze particularly, Israel Germany cultivate one's moral character, with angry to raise body, with military to strengthen the body , defend oneself with skill, let we realize learn the military advantage to health, and three heart (modesty , patience , perseverance ) , two purpose (good will , sincerity ),, three (do not aim too high , the spirit of mixing aerobics that not greedy , not impetuous ), believe that there is resolution , there is willpower , the attitude towards study of persisting, can unquestionably do all everything well ! There was material enjoying and proud model of study of growing modern children spoilt and raised in plenty while as a child in this! Let us know anyone outside people even more with the special topic this time, there are skies beyond our skies, form modest virtue naturally .

    巫正輝教練與本組組員合照 組員們與獎杯合照
    The member takes a group photo

Which information science and technology you have used to finish your case study plan ?

    Equipment name Tool Explanation
    Hardware equipment Desktop computer Deal with the materials and accept the edge toll that seek the materials
    Notebook It is whole to search the materials , do webpages , materials interconnected system
    Scaner Scan and deal with to the computer
    Digit camera It is self-provided to note down , have a picture taken as a memento and is offered to individuals of classmates by teacher
    Digit cinecamera (DV) Will interview the picture to write down by way of trends
    ADSL、wireless Communication of the network (group member is indispensable)
    T1 Communication of the network (offer by school)
    printer Benefit teaching Offered by school, printed the materials for your guidance
    Software equipment PhotoImpact 10 Picture , photo treatment and making of the webpage
    FLASH 8 Utilize the animation effect, demonstrate the lively breath
    Office 2003 (FrontPage、Word)、Dreamweaver 8 Use for editor's content , make webpages
    Cute FTP Upload the works
    Windows XP Operating system
    Windows 2000 Server Webpage server
    General equipment television Notice whether there is thematic relevant information in the TV , broadcast program
      flash memory,record Include and interview the focal point that the target said is offered by teacher or classmates were self-provided
    telephone,Cell-phone Discuss the special topic while phoning to book the time , classmate interviewing with the other side
    CD-RW、DVD-ROM Is it record laser disc to keep
    Camera Shoot and visit the photo which refers to the relevant materials
    Other Clip newspaper、Book、Library 、Interview orally、Computer classroom Collection of the relevant materials

With what kind of method do you act the part of the ambassador?

     At the time of the special visit, the telephone and E-mail under the care of teacher , the team leader Yu Wen , getting in touch with , deciding to visit time and visit the address openly immediately, classmate responsible for interconnected system plan question asked to want exactly, is it visit you to get the issue out of and inquire coach on the same day to join, and note down.

    Among them the little dark dragon has taken place at the time of the second interview , because it is different from place that the first time visits for the first time to interview for the second time, one at this hall road, another time in bird's loose township . It is wrong to link the middle the result, hurt grade one and learn the sister in law and run in the place by mistake, it is a blessing that everybody takes the cell-phone to link each other, a hall asking mother who lies between Yi XueChang Cai to help to show the way to just make dash for witch's straight brightness coach quickly again, it is really with deep impression. See in wushu training centre that Cai JieYi's schoolmate works as assistant and student wushu aside, each exercise project should be practised 2- times, continue doing the next project of practising, see that those students practise it to all left the sweat , therefore those are practised are all very hard, it is very simple to only see, very difficult to practise actually. Student some pupil, have piece high school student or junior school student, is it know how visit to begin just, but as time passes, begin to stand up in hot twine . It is a standard abducting child type to like celebrate and study the younger brother well in the forest of grade one , talk to those pupils' student quickly, lively, it is really interesting.

    本組組員採訪巫正輝教練 小學員練武
    The small student does weapon practice

What kind of influence and impact does your case study plans the production of you ?

     We find to during the process of interviewing and lacking the haze coach particularly , all stick and win the prize with the apprentice's newspapers and magazines around the coach's sitting room of Wushu center, few photos when being young of coach of haze of hanging particularly in the sitting room, with now that compare , think difference much , but though appearance of the coach always, but his spirit and skill of doing weapon practice are never returned and changed, promote day by day instead.

    尤少嵐教練年輕時的英姿 得獎獎杯
    You Shao Lan coach's heroic bearing when being young particularly


    本組組員採訪尤少嵐教練 本組組員採訪巫正輝教練
    Interview the You Shao Lan coach

      While visiting, has shot many things, sometimes in order to see some acrobatic fighting movements clearly, the schoolmates need the careful one to adjust the angle of the photography, we have taken some their photos while practising, the posture of the pendulum generals of several generals not stingy of the coach is struck by us. Other people are responsible for interviewing, every one studies interviewing every student and coach in the Wushu center conscientiously of sisters in law, very arduous in this course, but very happy.

    巫正輝教練 蔡介益學長
    Wu Zheng Hui coach and Cai Jie Yi Schoolmate

      In vicissitudes, in the mighty torrent in time of disappearance gradually, with this rich chance of network, we will open the gate of big fist history again, let everybody re-recognize the big fist , let the big fist no longer forgotten , let people's remembrance aroused again, history of the big fist .