一、Category in the competition

    Local Specialties, Sports and Health

二、Our Local Community is

    Kaohsiung has its beautiful coastline , harbor, mountains and rivers.In the past few years, Kaohsiung got many favorable comment by building beauty spot which are full of art and humanities like gorgeous hall of the city , love river.Moreover, obtain 2009 social changes and know the right to host, the integrated environment has already had imposing manner of cast Dacheng , Kaohsiung will have already rubed one's fists and wipe one's palms and planned to spread the wings to soar soon, a great deal of construction arise one after another , all strive for the future of this city.

    高雄市 世運會


    台灣之光王建民代言世運會 多哈亞運


三、Summary of the project research program

    In the morning, there is old man coming up to a large number that gathers inside the park , is distributing the sweat, studying kung fu how to strengthen the body. A cultural skill that you can know that China " kung fu " is that we are peculiar , it can be loud that everybody is familiar to the ear to it . But in fact, the understanding of its essence and modern meaning is that a passage is fragmented . The modern meaning of Chinese kung fu is to put it briefly: ' build up body conduct begin , defend direction of taking as , regard incorporating and living in the way of kung fu as goal '.

    全民早上運動 全民早上運動
    morning sport

    The origin of kung fu, record of ancient documents and exploration of the archaeological material object are confirmed from China: In prehistoric age, people, in order to obtain living needs , condition of adapting to the survival of the fittest of nature, have learnt movements of using punching , foot to play , throwing stumbling , bringing to book etc. gradually. Because the forming and development of the war utensil of the national society thereafter, developing into the fight skill of trying to survive gradually of kung fu; With the development of science and technology and arrival of the global concept of world village later , developed and became sports of a kind of fitness again.

    拳打、腳踢、摔絆、擒拿等動作 拳打、腳踢、摔絆、擒拿等動作

      Someone's legend too, it is that Fujian tea's trader's big bright officer created kung fu that kung fu one comes from Shaolin Temple, two, opinions vary, however, a very clear one of ours is the legend of the big fist , it is absolutely not hitting and creating so easily , it uses the person who studies this one hard, according to making use of sweat and blood water to use up the heart and work especially , just have such a legend, among them, there are more numerous talents, but with space-time, dynasty , science and technology, the previous wave push away old strength of wave, kung fu big legend of fist, in vicissitudes, in the mighty torrent in time of disappearance gradually, with this rich chance of network, we will open the gate of big fist history, will let everybody re-recognize the big fist , let the big fist no longer forgotten, let people's remembrance aroused again, history of the big fist .

    洪拳 尤少嵐教練與本組組員合照
    洪拳 vs. 尤少嵐教練與本組組員合照

      In addition it is too because of,win we three of schools grade schoolmate the classmates of Cai JieYi by group, second place of wushu match not national at 1995, exciting the interest to study this special topic of wushu of our group, we find that the Shaolin big fist is the seventh generation of successor's few haze coaches particularly, early to slip away one of horse with 24 Shaolin promptly, enjoy great prestige movie circles, after becoming famous, for big passing on of fist and popularize, in the regional professor's traditional Shaolin big fist . More than 20 years, make great efforts to cultivate thousands of big fist wushu sons and younger brothers with the love , among them, Li JunHui , stone are sweet-smelling and beautiful , empty group of horse , Cai JieWei , Cai JieYi !-,etc.. Later wushu will be the special skill , should popularize it as the whole people and move, there are special talent , special training , special method soon, could reach . Because this piece ' special ' idea,it is mark asking huge popularization not to cause: Followed set traditional Chinese boxing and fencing talents in Shaolin Temple originally, trained talents , gathered elites, way of training the elite, set up the skill in martial arts of the whole counties and cities of Taiwan and teach and practise the field.

    教務主任陳丁山與蔡介益學長合照 蔡介益學長

      At present, China is making great efforts to strive for it in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games of the Christian era, it is can getting which classify more as formal " wushu " event,and,Kaohsjung at A.D. 2009 social changes can when, " wushu " is classified as the project performed soon too. Therefore, the development of wushu is very anticipated . If want to know wushu , can visit our webpage , hopes to help everybody to know and move about like this more, make us military and work up the youth and wave the life!

    武動青春.舞動生命 武動青春.舞動生命

四、Our Internet environment

    Watch that the computer and network have already become the luxuriantly irresistible trend now. So, we often utilize time in the school, the wide band of networks does the materials and transmits and the materials are gathered together whole to use T1 that the school offers. In addition, the teacher applies to school for the cyberspace too, upload the software through FTP, so that we can upload the materials found to one's own materials to insert , can be opened at any time too while needing to revise the materials, needn't only depend on single computer homework . Because there are grade 123 of group members, everybody is interdynamic and verdant , combines with technology still not skillful each other, so the most working time of group members, finish while keeping in the school or at home after all utilizing leaving school. While uploading WebPages , think even more that needs T1 network wide band of the school , enable us to look for the materials fast in the network, needn't worry having ' block up ' questions ! ! From family , adopt wide-band ADSL or not have on-line network , though the speed is not so good as the school, we adopt the materials of the dispersing type to search , have improved much efficiency.

    組員們在 E 電腦教室蒐集資料 組員們在 E 電腦教室蒐集資料

五、Problems we encountered and conquered

    Difficult problem Descriptions Our solutions
    Technology 23 sister , schoolmates of grade , have a foundation of a computer, and grade one that just joined does not study the sister in law , it is unable to keep up with slowly on the technology and homework to cause! ! ! The teacher stayed to receive training after fully spending Wednesday or Friday leaving school, please teach long sister , let some learn people of technology study.
    Time respect Because classmates of grade three face learning the pressures of examining and Grade B certificates, seldom participate in the rich set activity of the network , change we come leading factor by second grade , let people feel perplex very much. The teacher wants us to learn to show understanding, and utilize break of 30 minutes at noon and assemble everybody and hold a simple meeting and discuss sometimes.
    Cooperation respect This group is a team made from grade 123 up together, it is the same class, otherwise nearly everybody does not realize , so it is very difficult for planned speed to control. Teacher ask team leader is it is it work to assign to come, let same people of class work together, and everybody all leave and discuss each other openly , can catch up with the progress in this way immediately, will not either have been dilatory all the time.
    Materials respect The materials found on the network are nearly all the same, some materials little, fair wanted to make finished product , circle of network , should sell fresh webpage and abundant materials that everybody watch in the past. The teacher and team members browse relevant magazine and newspaper, as the reference material, and few haze coaches , witch's straight brightness coach , school study the affair place and inquire relevant information to Cai JieYi's schoolmate, particularly.
    Interview respect Because we ourselves are not familiar with kung fu, it is unable to consult kung fu hall on the road one by one, afraid too that they are very different, will deceive people. Through the linking of the teacher, we bring a heart with cordial chest, have found the little straight brightness coaches of coach and witch of haze particularly, everybody meets each other joyously , also seize the chance to practise several methods with studied a military student stealthily , very interesting.
    Experience Participate in such nationwide match for the first time, it is unskilled to the different fields. To the person who is visited for the first time too, it is nearly all very excited, does not know before visiting what topic is asked. After interviewing, everybody has distributed the work, someone puts in order question , someone when visiting will record the content to change into the characters shelf, the teacher has revised combining after finishing seeing. Have inadequate experience, but succeed in doing this interview of time the perfection very much.

六、Admonition of gains

    Participate in the fair of network circle very helpful to our every group member, not merely let us learn how to find the materials , categorised materials , furthermore let us understand how to do webpages, though webpage two at present, three schoolmate sister of grade responsible for, is it can let to study sister in law exercise make one grade still to have an opportunity, hope to lead them to attain a yet higher goal through this valuable experience and skill learnt , make the perfect webpage and show everybody , should let the people that see all profuse in praise too.

    The fair of network circle is not that what we are imagined is so simple, be approved and continued participating in the first trial at the beginning, it is more difficult to close to close continuing , should give up for a long time for others, but on the contrary to us, the word in one set of a TV plays ' even if falls, too it want it is the bold it smile ',it meet difficulty because want not if going , for itting we , until succeed. This kind frustrates brave theme ' kung fu ' like us of spirit , while we interview , see that the course of mixing aerobics advances gradually and works hard, especially the basic training - The horse-ride step squats, really very rather complicated, but has not shrunk back to they loving kung fu deeply , find pleasure in it instead, not afraid that difficult , make people worth our studying diligently too admiring, this is experience that can't be learnt in the classroom!

    學員表演洪拳 蔡尚峻老師指導