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Uni-president instant noodles called on ˇ§having correct eating habit and balanced nutritionˇ¨

According to the regulation of Food Health Regulation Act, Department of Health has announced on Oct., 24, 1989 that [preservatives should not be added in the instant noodles]. In 2003, it further modified [use scope and standard of food additives]. As to the use regulation of the first category of preservative, the article clearly regulated the food additives which could be used and the standard value. Instant noodles were not listed in this table. Thus, the law has already regulated with clear writing that preservatives could not be added in the instant noodles. Consumersˇ¦ Foundation (Taiwan) also described the regulation that preservatives could not be added in the instant noodles on TV show at the night on Aug. 18. People have been misunderstanding that instant noodles were added with preservatives, The companies who always follow the regulations were extremely helpless.


Non-deep fried instant noodles  Consumersˇ¦ new choice

Uni-president Central R&D Institute, Jian-sheng Tzeng, vice high rank researcher  

ˇ± 1. What is the key difference of non-deep fried noodles from ordinary instant noodles during the manufacturing process?  

The most significant difference was the drying methods of the noodles. After the amylum in the dough is steamed, non-deep fried noodles would experience ˇ§the drying with hot windˇ¨ in different temperature levels. The water in dough was gradually reduced to reach the drying effect. According to the name of deep fried noodles, it meant to dry the noodles in the method of deep fried. Since the speed of  deep fried was faster and non-deep fried noodles required logner drying time, the companiesˇ¦ manufacturing costs of non-deep fried noodles could relatively increase.  

ˇ± 2. Do the pouring time of non-deep fried noodles and ordinary instant noodles the same?  

Since the ordinary instant noodles are deep fried, there are some small holes in the noodles. Therefore, after pouring in hot water, the noodles can be eaten in three minutes. However, for non-deep fried noodles, since there are no small holes caused by deep fry. The pouring time might be longer. It usually takes four minutes.

ˇ± 3. How is the present and future market of current non-deep fried instant noodles in Taiwan?  

At present, the market share rate of non-deep fried noodles in Taiwan is less than 4%. However, the market share rate of steamed noodles in Japan has reached 13%. It showed that Taiwan market can still considerably grow. Modern consumers value highly on the healthy concpet. Non-deep fried instant noodles contain lower fat which might be good choice for the consumers for the concerns of rapidness and health.  

The article is extracted from BCC, Morning Overture Show  2006.07.11