V.Interview: Siraya Green Valley | Yi-chia Wang |Jun-ming Wang

Interview with Jun-ming Wang

Time: November 16th, 2003
Place: Kou-pi Church
Interviewer (s):Pei-rong, Bai-qil, and Kuei-ming (teacher)
Interviewee (s): Jun-ming Wang

Q1: When did you start to devote yourself to ecological preservation?
A1: Our association started to be engaged in it a couple of years ago. As for myself, I've given myself to ecological preservation for more than a decade.
Q2: Why did you star to think about the issues of the environment and ecology?.
A2: Because I had some questions about the environment. Why do we have graveyards around my neighborhood? Why is garbage from big cities thrown in front of my house? Why do people keep filling up our place with toxic stuff?
Q3: What kinds of negative effects do developments have on the environment?
A3: The developments bring Forcipomyia taiwana , wastes and air airpollution.

Q4: If you see people are abusing the environment, what will you do?
A4: If I see people dumping their garbage in our neighborhood, I'll keep a close watch on them or block their trucks. Sometimes I will ride my motorbike to follow them.
Q5: You really love taking pictures. What's your favorite subject matter?
A5: Mostly landscapes, ecology and the environment.
Q6: Did you face oppositions from others when trying to protect the environment?
A6: Yes, from those who have different ideas about the environment. Some people say preserving the environment may affect their economic benefits. As we know, environmental protection can hardly coexist with economic developments. Generally speaking, we must fight against those who develop lands or run factories.

Q7: Can you give me a concrete example?
A7: For example, they cut down trees and destroyed grasslands just to build a trail, the Dakengwei Development Trail.
Q8: What do you develop the Sin-hua Forest Farm for?
A8: For economic benefits, of course.
Q9: Who has been protecting this land just like you?
A9: For example, our association and other people who have similar ideals and concepts.
Q10: Who can provide resources, or, who has provided resources for your association?
A10: In recent years, after the establishment of our association, I've drafted some proposals in the hope of getting subsidies from the government. Sometimes we apply for subventions from other organizations. We can also do something to help, like recording sounds and taking pictures of animals and plants.

The Summary Record of Interview