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(1) Goals and Missions

Education is a studying process to develop the potentials of the students and to train the students to adapt to and improve the living environment. Cyberfair activity has promoted the healthy growth of each team members, it is also a practice to train the Grade 1-9 Curriculum logos. Since we have fixed the subject, the tutors, community fellows and student volunteers have born the holy mission to uncover the mysterious Truku Weaving Culture, this whole process is the combination of the elder's wisdom, the documentary of the specialists, the school community and the information technology.  

(2) Content of Education

After I have studied this subject webpage report, I suddenly realized that the Grade 1-9 Curriculum education content is exactly the experience of our teams. And I would explain it briefly in the following part.

1) Humanistic aspect: 

The team members should first recognize their own abilities and then respect and appreciate the characters of other people as well as the differences culture among different age groups. 

2) Systematization ability aspect: 

Break the current classroom studying model, and bring the students to the community, we do not want the solemn,  standard and cracked knowledge as well as the rote learning, we need the reasonable and perceptual attitude, activities combined theory and practice as well as humanities. 

3) People's livelihood aspect: 

We have improved our self-expression and communication ability; we have educated the students to write down the interview record and upload their learning through independent thinking; everyone does his best through division of labor and cooperation; everyone works on passing down of culture, and takes an active part in socio-culture activity; form law abiding habitat through the recognition of intellectual property. 

4) Local and international consciousness aspect: 

We have created the local characteristics and established the patriotism to protect the environment through the plant of ramie and the collect of ramie yarn raw material as well as the dyeing, this could be shared with the whole world. 

5) Learning all one's life aspect: 

In the interview and record process, we have gradually learnt how to search for the data initiatively, how to arrange the data, how to raise question and how to solve the question, through the combination of information media and language, we have endowed our study achievement with the reserving and continued value. 

(3) Information Technology

Tools used


(1) Telephone

Communicating instrument to get in touch with team members and the respondents before interview

(2) Television

Enjoy public television “Follow Me” – Making Ramie Cloty, Scraping Fun, and film about the Wanrong Township folk-custom craft activity achievements in 2006

(3) Camcorder and digital camera

Record the community interview and observe the growth of ramie

(4) Scanner

Instruments for student works and reference books and pictures

(5) Record pen

The import instrument to record the entire dictation of respondents and it is also the bases for us to sort out the literal record of the interview

(6) Computer software

FrontPage 2003, PhotoImpact 8, EasyPHP+XoopsServer , ACDseePicture management , Midi manufacture software, CDex music convert to files software

(7) Books, periodical articles

The reference books about ramie or Truku weaving culture, and the research papers provided by the respondents.

(8) Field interview

Interview the old respondents in person and record their dictation data

(4) Native Ambassador

When the school public addressor has broadcasted that "All team members should come to the office or Computer Room," the children are full of self-confidence and pride. Our teachers have taught the team members some courses which are different from other schoolmates, we have learnt many interview skills and information product operation skills through these courses. We have interviewed the elder, the householders and the scholars of the community during the community interview. When the respondents have seen our earnest attitude, they would try their best to give us the answer, some of them have prepared the drinking and biscuits for us, and some have prepared the traditional pork blood soup, some have given us the beautiful handmade cellular phone bag and the pachyrhizus of modified race, these interviews have given us many sweet memories. 

What impressed me most is the "language" communication, many elder cannot speak Chinese, when we ask questions in Chinese, they do not know how to answer, and we could only understand their words through the teacher's translation; and the respondents have used many tribe names when we ask them about the origins of the ancestors, at first we phoneticize these words, and gradually we have learnt to use Roman alphabet, although it is not very standard, we could still ask the teachers for help. 

Mrs. Hu entertains us

Grandmap Yiyanghas
 given us
 a cellular phone bag

Gariyi provides
pork blood soup

Pachyrhizus given
by Iyan

(5) Impacts

First of all, the team members have viewed this project through their own angle, they have learnt a lot in very short time. Some classmates would ask them what exactly are they doing, at first they would say that they are learning some computer skills, but in the end they do not say so, they have gone to many places and have interviewed many people and have written many learning and have used different kinds of latest information equipments, they could only say that they are very glad to take part in this meaningful activity. 

Since we have visited Mrs. A-hsueh Liang Li, the school principal as well as the proprietor and the chairman of the community, we have moved them by our movement. Mrs. A-hsueh Liang Li have donated 150 ramie roots and we have strived for our land to plant ramie in the community, after our laborious weeding and digging, the ramie germinates, I feel very glad we could pass down the ramie weaving culture. 

Our teacher have always said to us: "In the future, when ramie grows up, we must invite the community elder to teach us weaving cultural course." Although the harvest of ramie would still cost us a lot of time and energy, however as the members of New Aspen Culture Association and the pioneers to pass down culture, we would continue this activity.  Only the community and school interact with each other, could we reserve the local culture.

Yuyuh collect ramie roots Yuyuh has given
a box of ramie roots
Mr. Guang-nan He and he
has agreed to lend us the land
Plant ramie in the school
(6) Intellectual Properties

Once we have finished an interview, we would work hard on writing down our own learning. Although it is only a short essay, I think it is not easy to record the interview fully. I recalled once two of the team members have copied the learning report of one team member, the next day we were criticized by our teachers, and they have also explained the intellectual property to help us recognize the significance of intellectual property. Later on we become very careful when we have to quote, we would give clear explanatory notes for all the quoted content, such as the words, photos, illustrations, music, films and cartoons. To respect the data that the respondents have authorized, we would attach the documentary sources and letter of authorization. 

(7) Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

Many people would hold out until the last for their ideals, such as the tradition weaving elder we have interviewed, Mrs. Ching-hsiang Hu in charge of music collection and master Gariyi•Jihoh of Institute of Anthropology. They have a collective character, which is to stick to what one wants to do without any regret. When we interview them, we have seen their awe to the ancestors, their self-confidence, their nerves and professional attitudes which cannot be seen in every-day life. They have possessed the energy of knowledge, which have encouraged us to move forward.  And the only regret is that we should study time control and improve our communication ability using tribe language.   

A-hsueh Liang Li
Gariyi•Jihoh Mrs. Hui-fang Chung
Mrs. Ce-mei Hu
Mrs. Ching-hsiang Hu