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Years ago, Hongyeh used to be the habitation of Amis people. They scattered about mountains near the police station. It was so named as “Gaoyao” for its numerous Shanmao. Later, the native Amis moved far to the west wing of coastal mountain (nowadays Hegang) when the Typhoon arrived, the land flooded and plowland eroded away, in addition to the harassment and invasion of Bunun. A small number of invaders settled in the hillside along the Hongyeh River. Since 1993, Truku began to settle in. They called the area “Itofukelenan”. However, as it’s narrow in shape and umbrageous with flourish ample trees, the name was translated as “Hongyeh”, only local Truku still call it “Ifunan.

Hongyeh Village

Truku was actually a clan of Sedeq Toroko. Most of them firstly lived in Hutou Mt., a southern mountain at the left bank of Hongyeh River lying to the west of Ruisui Hot Spring. They were named Hongyeh Tribe; Then a small branch of a tribe moved in Dijia Mt.near the nowadays Hongyeh Hot Spring. As the Dijia Mt.sits opposite to the habitation of Hongyeh Tribe, they were also called “Sipao”; the subsequent colonies, Bunun of Mahowan, occupied the eastern edge of Hongyeh Tribe habitation.

Hongyeh Community, a small community in the utmost south of Wanrong Township(mountainous township), is 3kilometers in the west off the Ruisui Expressway 9. The Hualien County Government now marks it out as Ruisui New Hot Spring Area (Ruisui Township occupies an area of 500 acres while Wangrong Township Hongye Village takes up 360 acres). The entire Hongyeh Community is embraced in the area. As most hot springs are right within the community, it has been agreed that the community should be developed into a Hot spring leisure & sightseeing tourist attraction. Besides the natural hot spring, the trait of native culture, including traditional songs, dances, techniques and food, etc should also be preserved and displayed. The villagers in the community have decided to hold activities aiming at preserving ethnical culture, which can demonstrate the vitality of the community, on the one hand and attract more tourists on the other hand. Through these activities, the management of the community as well as villagers’ life is expected to be improved.


Map of the Hongye Tribe


Aerial View of Hongye Tribe


Symbolic Entrance of the Hongye Tribe

Summary of Our Project

The ten Great Mother come from different areas of the country including Taipei, Taoyuan, Ilan, Jiayi, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Hualien. The great deeds of every mother could touch people to the heart. Mrs. Mei-yuan Lin, trekked all the way moving from Taipei to Yungkang, then to Shipai, Sanchi, Luchou, and at last settled in Hualie simply to ensure that her daughter could receive ready treatment for her congenital brain development deficiency. Her story resembles much of Mencius’s mother who moved their home three times from bad neighbor in order to keep her son from their bad influenceMencius was a great thinker and educator in about 370 BC.;There is also Mrs. Chang-hong Li Yang, who patiently attends her disabled son as well as her granddaughter with Cerebral palsy; to free her two kids with mental retardation and dysaudia from their father’s abuse and violence and give them good education, Mrs. Yu-yan Chou ventured to ask for the intervention of social volunteers. She resorted to every help available in the society to procure the rights of custody of two kids and fosters two kids independently later. A vonWillebrand victim, Mrs. Chao-jin Wang, took the trouble of attending two kids suffering from the same disease. Mrs. Mei-hua Hsu had once thought of giving up the two kids with dysaudia, but now the two kids become superior sportsman. With Mrs. Hui-ling Wu careful attendance, her kid who had been diagnosed to have no more than three months to live by doctors due to development efficiency of enteric canal nerve is seven years old this year. Another kid with dysaudia, under years’ attentive care of her mother, Mrs. Chiou-ju Chen, has grown up to be an accomplished college students studying in the sociology department of Fujen CatholicUniversity. In order to acquaint mothers with the symptoms of handicap kids, Mrs. Li-ching Chen, organized an Ichthyosis Association. Mrs. Yu-ling Hsu founded the southern chapter of Asperger Syndrome spreading their love to more handicap kids.

These Great Mothers’ story, the strength and courage as well as the tensile force and flexibility of life they displayed in struggle with misfortune, baptized our soul. It spurs us to plan this project to let all members discern the greatness of mother’s love and through this, we intend also to give encouragement and consolation to those suffering friends.

Our Computer and Internet Access

There is only one computer classroom available in our school. There are 27 computers. Though it is not very big, it has all the necessary devices. Every computer has access to internet. The LAN is connected to Hualien County Computer Center with a special fiber optic line. The Hualien County Computer Center then has already been linked with TANet. Besides computer classroom, all the other administrative departments in Hongyeh Elementary School have all got a computer with access to internet. The data search, compilation, and record modification are all accomplished in the computer classroom.

Problems We Had To Overcome


Technical difficulties with computer

We haven’t learnt webpage design, to say nothing of doing research with it. The teacher has told us the first that that the work would be very tough. We need to prepare ourselves for it mentally. During that period of time, we try to learn as much as we can from our teachers. We learned to record our progress, register email address, surf on the internet, search webpage, download materials and the most difficult, and webpage design and art design.


Difficulty in obtaining materials

The five of us live in the tribes of Hongyeh Village while those Great Mothers scatter around countries. Only Mrs. Mei-yuan Lin and Mrs. Hui-ling Wu live in Hualien, the information of the other mothers can only be obtained through telephone interview and written data. It is much more difficult than the previous years’ projects. We have to find relevant pictures and data from school library and internet as well as the library of National Hualien University of Education.


      As we are all in grade six and this is the second time for our five to participate the project, teachers have to show more concern on our state of studying. Fortunately, we have college students from Persian Cat Tutor Club of the National Hualien University of Education to tutor us. Every one of them tutors one of us on how to use E-mail and MSN Messenger, how to design webpage and conduct interview. We all make great progress.

Our Project Sound Bite


      No pain, no gain. In our preparation for the contest with Mr. Lyu, Mr. Yu, and Ms. Lyu, we notice that teachers experience more strain and hardship than us. They make us know that one can not reap without sowing.


      Thanks to our good teamwork, every activity is a success. Everyone is vital element, their performance can directly influence the achievement of the whole team.


      We learned through this project a lot about how to use compute and other digital devices like digital camera, DV and recording pen.