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Project Overview

Description of "Our Community"

    Between the Chungyang South Road and the Daye Road in Beitou district, the aroma of milk drifting in the air all along the way. It comes from a six-story plant right standing by the roadside, the well-known TAIWAN MORINAGA CO., LTD., the most favorable place for field trip for many Beitou residents during their childhood, for such a amazing place is just like a Candyland for every child. For more than forty years since 1961, it has been continuously providing study activities for the elementary schools as well as the kindergartens of Beitou district. The Company also make in-fashion cartoon toys to fulfill the dreams and wishes of children, which became pleasant and treasured memories of children. And this is the reason why we would like to conduct an in-depth research on it.


Summary of Our Project

To know more about TAIWAN MORINAGA CO., LTD (hereinafter called the Morinaga Co. )
To discuss on the main products of Morinaga Co..
To discuss manufacture and packing process of Morinaga Co..
To discuss the operation concept of Morinaga Co..
To discuss the interactive relation between Morinaga Co. and the residents in the neighborhood.
To understand the pleasant memories of consumers for Morinaga Co..
To discuss the most popular flavors and kinds of various series of products of Taiwan Morinaga Co., Ltd. among the elementary school students.
To discuss the consumer behavior and motives of the customers of Morinaga Co.s welfare store.
To discuss the reflections of elementary school students after taking a field trip to Morinaga Co..
To realize the sale status in the stores selling the products of Morinaga Co. in the vicinity of Wenhua Elementary School.
To discuss the definition, characteristics, value, package, as well as the classification of confectionery.
The history of confectionery industry, traditional sweets, as well as its past, present and future.
To discuss the methods purchasing confectionery of high quality.
To discuss the precautions for eating candy.
To learn more about the various world confectionery cultures .


Our Computer/Internet Access

    There are two computer classrooms in our school, each classroom is equipped with 40 computers, and use Fast Ethernet zone network for the connection. Through ADSL of Chunghwa Telecom, it connects to the Taipei Education Network Center, then extends to the Ministry of Education and academic networks. During holidays, there were occasional blackout in school; however, the network services are quite normal at most of the time.

    Computer is available in the residence of every student participating our research program, they can therefore use broad band (ADSL, 2M/256K of Chunghwa Telecom) to access the internet for browsing the web page or finding information. Therefore, in the whole process of the research work, all the students completed most of their assignments at home, thanks to the convenience that internet has brought to us; the kids could then discuss with one another through e-mail and instant message, and finally complete the work with perfect cooperation.


Problems We Had to Overcome
As Morinaga Co. has been established in Taiwan for more than 50 years, it was indeed difficult to find a native resident of certain age, who has a complete knowledge about the whole history of Morinaga Co. Fortunately, under the assistance of the executive of Bashian Borough, and the enthusiastic help of the old chief of the borough, could we finally resolve the problem.
The set-up of this web page requires not only the computer technology, information collection, materials arrangements and date analysis, the creative appearance and the vividness of the web page are also vital important. Thus, we asked the assistance of fine arts teachers (who have abundant experience and skills in art design and the web page design).
In the beginning, the students were not able to be adapted to the routine work, such as to check the mailbox daily on the internet, or to hand in assignment every week. Therefore, the most difficult thing was the progress control. We conducted periodical meetings and many discussion, furthermore, we asked mother Kaijun to make phone call follow-ups for reminding the children to hand in home works, the problem was then solved.
It was impossible to arrange an interview with the board chairman of Morinaga Co. We were unable to contact the board chairman and general manager, and could not have any response even by means of official papers and telephone calls. Fortunately, a section chief agreed to be interviewed by us, which finally settled the issue of interviewing an important figure of Morinaga Co.


Our Project Sound Bite

    A native narrates his native stories, tells his endless love for sweets.

     The continuous operation of a business depends on good reputation of the brand and the constant creativeness.

     Taiwanese people, concern for Beitou, attentions for culture, love of Morinaga Co.