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Project Website ów Motivation of research    
  ów Aim of studying    
  ów Introduction of MORINAGA CO. ów Grounds for establishing the Morinaga Co.
    ów Basic information
    ów Ideas of management
    ów International identifications
    ów Business volume annually
    ów A brief outline of factory
    ów Reaction of customers
    ów Position geographic
    ów Website of MORINAGA CO.
  ów Major products ów Milk caramel candy series
    ów Soft candy series
    ów Designing series
    ów Products history
  ów Factory visiting ów Appearance of factory
    ów Equipments visiting
    ów Process of manufacturing
    ów Packing of products
    ów Packing machine
    ów After visit
  ów Interview ów Section chief Chen of Morinaga Co.
    ów Borough chief of Baxian borough
    ów Students of Wenhua Elementary School
    ów Old residents of Beitou
  ów  Surveys ów  Preferences of students
    ów  Survey of welfare store
    ów  Survey of field trip
    ów  Survey of selling status in shops
  ów  Extending learning ów  Related information of sweets
    ów  Confectionery industry
    ów  Methods for purchasing confectionery of high quality
    ów  The Precautions for eating candy
    ów  2006 The world confectionery culture
  ów  Who takes challenge ów  Introduction of MORINAGA CO.
    ów  Major products
    ów  Factory visiting
    ów  Interview
    ów  Surveys
    ów  Extending learning
  ów  Presentations of research result ów  Plan of presentation
    ów  Briefing in the presentation
    ów  Reflections and feedbacks
    ów  Photos of activities
    ów  Thoughts expressing
  ów  Study team ów  Partners of study team
    ów  Enthusiastic parents
    ów  Instructors
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