To a group of 9 elementary students (Grade 3-4), a research project on Taipei 101 building is enormous work. Having considered that a research project for this age group should not stress too much on working with computers, the instructor came up with an alternative approach that would complete this project. The methodology to the project includes the followings: surveying and interviewing foreign visitors, the general public, 9 popular restaurants, eateries, gift shops, and extraordinary individuals. Also, childrenˇ¦s poetry and paintings were hand written and drawn by students. Once the initial poetry drafts were completed, they were entered into the computer. The paintings on the other hand were scanned with an all-in-one printer. However, 4th graders and part of the 3rd graders who later learned to use computers directly input their writings with keyboards; this has helped the instructors to edit their works. After more than 6 months of training, all students have become to enjoy writing with computers.