Taipei, where we grew up, covers 272 sq. kilometers with a population of 2.62 million people. Taipei is a place filled with wonders and different features. Under the test of time, Taipei has cultivated its rich and sound foundation. Its conservation, art, humanity, ancient relic culture and history, have made Taipei one of world's famous attractive cities. Politics, culture and education, economic and trade development, tourism and fashion further enrich Taipei's diversity. In December 2004, Taipei 101 was officially opened, which brought Taipei into the spotlight on the world stage.

Xin-Yi Planned District is the most economically flourished district in Taipei. The district is composed of numerous tall commercial buildings and more than 10 thousand mainstream enterprises. Commercial activities are frequently held at the famous Taipei World Trade Center District. Besides the TWTC, International Trade Building, Taipei International Convention Center, Grand Hyatt Taipei and major IT companies such as Microsoft and HP also station in this district. The addition of Taipei 101 has juxtaposed Taipei with the New York Manhattan District. Overlooking from Taipei 101 Observatory, you can always see the breath-taking view of Taipei! Taipei 101 is indeed the center of this city.