ˇ§Ren-Ai, which in Chinese means Philanthropy, is our school name and our educational philosophy as well.ˇ¨ Founded in 1959, Ren-Ai is a school with history, and the campus is always full of green and lively plantation, which attracts a lot of birdsˇ¦ visits.

The parents emphasize balanced education for the kids, so our school helps us not only learn about our home town but also cultivate a wide international vision. In this way, students of Ren-Ai have sound development and excellent performances in many categories including music, IT skills, and studies.

Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world for the time being, comes first into our eyes when we look from Ren-Aiˇ¦s playground. To the east of Ren-Aiˇ¦s front gate, our new neighbor initiates our motives to know more about the new landmark of Taipei.

Encouraged by Principal, Mr. Tsung-Hsian Yang, Fantastic 9 will do our best to make use of this opportunity to learn ways of getting along with people, to learn ways of dealing with difficulties, and to learn ways of sharing Taipei 101 with people in the world.