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How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair project support content standards, required coursework and curriculum requirements?

From collecting the information, drafting the questions of the interview, composing the diary and progress report, to interviewing the people in our community and the integration of our contents of the website, all promote our ability of analyzing, generalizing, arranging and composition.

Via interviewing some of the community’s people, we started to have cognition about our community and have interest of giving care to the handicapped people in the community, which helps us build up our feelings to our community.

Through the WWW, computer, interview recording, video recording, taking pictures with a digital camera, the skills of making our website...etc, it cultivated our ability of the using the internet technology.

Through holding the disability experiencing camp, we experienced the inconvenience of a being handicapped; in order to, cultivate their of life, is it train same heart to use, study how to show your care to people.

In this research, we have learned many skills!

Via observing John's pottery works, we found out the maker's intention and clever thought, and learned how appreciate the beauty of art.

From the performance of the Kiwi Orchestra, we realized the meaning of the life and value of existing, and then train our respect of our own lives.

Through the research, we learned how to divide the work and cooperate, communicate to coordinate, support and encourage each other to power up and using the power of the group to reach the goal.

We have learned the things which has not taught in classrooms!

What information tools & technologies did you use to complete your CyberFair project?

During the research, we used the these equipments:

Equipment name

Use of the equipments


Used of getting in touch with other members.


Used for typing the documents, making the website, hacking the pictures, making the lesson examples and conveying the data.


Used to record the interview’s video.

Digital camera

Used to shoot pictures of the interview

Traditional camera

Used to shoot the pictures auxiliary


Used to scan the pictures and photograph

Recording pen

Used to record the interview


Used to record the interview auxiliary


Used to record the interview auxiliary


Used to export our data


Used to support the equipments that need batteries

Memory card, USB driver

Used to store and back up the data

Computer software:



Macromedia Dreamweaver

Used to manage and make the website

Macromedia Flash

Used to make animation

Ulead PhotoImpact, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro

Used to dealt with the pictures


Used to manage the pictures

Microsoft PowerPoint

Used to make reports

Microsoft Word

Used to type down our documents

Internet Explorer

Used to explore websites, search for information, uploading files and downloading files

Open Webmail

Used to communicate with the team members and the Open Webmail’s Webdisk.

We have many equipment to be allowed to use

In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your CyberFair project both on-line and in person.

In order to finish our project, interviewing people in our community is unavoidable. We will always ask them if they are willing to get interviewed by telephone in advance, then agree on the time and place to interview again, next we need to do lots of assignments and rehearsal, expecting that we can play the role of ' the ambassador ' of the community.

We like the work "community Ambassador " very much

We had thought that we won’t have any influence in our community at first, but some of the teachers in our school went to John’s house to learn how to play drums after hearing John’s story. Some parents also insisted to send their kids to John to learn drums after learning John’s story, expecting their children to learn John’s spirit of the deep love for life and the creating of self- spirit; Some teachers of the fifth and sixth grade recommends the students in the class to read the reports about John and incorporate it into the lessons, for the students to understand the miracle of life

We hope more fervently we can let the world know about John’s story by attending the Cyberfair, let the people in the whole world applause for our brave warrior of life together!

Through this process, we may contact many people

What has been the impact of your project on your community?

The Impact on the students of our school

From watching and admire the Kiwi Orchestra's performance, visiting the John, to the experience of holding the disability camp, we deeply understood the suffering and the inconvenience of the handicapped people’s lives, and brought us heavily impact in our hearts; Actually, we are already blessed that we can live with a healthy body.

Because John has passed the struggle between life and death three times and made him a multiple handicapped people. Even though, he still faced his sicknesses bravely and lighted up his will to fight with sickness optimistically; he went to schools, prisons to share his story of life, encouraging everybody.

By way of the activity, we have learned more loves

We shall cherish and be satisfied with present situation even more, cherish our own lives deeply and show our care to the people and things beside us.

The student is willing to pay more cares to the others

The Impact on our community

Instead of the problems of getting along with the society, the media often have wrong reports or the public has a misunderstanding on the handicapped people, and caused lots of stereo types. Therefore, we hope that we can let the public understand the handicapped people more through our website, and then make the government pay attention to the institution of the non-handicapped facilities, show our respect to the handicapped people and make the society warmer and more fragrant.

John likes making the public welfare to help the others

Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises

Present John, still winning the torment from suffering of illness deeply, with the degradating day by day of body function, life every little bit is in the loss, but being positive and optimistic, he engaged in public activity fall after the people.

John's story has moved a lot of people

His life is like a fainting light, though without beautiful rays, he still strive on bursting his fainting light, expecting to illuminate the dark and bring people hope.At the back, who helped John disseminate happiness and love is his old parents. John's spirit touches people; and the love of John’s parents, moves people even more.

The family member is John's forever spiritual prop

Seeing John smiling resplendently, listening to John’s skillful drumming, admiring John’s lively pottery, and reading John’s touching story, we will understand deeply, what’s called “finding the exclamation mark of life in the calling of love”.

The Exclamation Mark of Life

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