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Description of Our Community

Searching for the remnants of the previous generations of Kaohsiung City, we were shocked to find that Lan-Tian Village of Nanzih District, originally belonged to Ren-Shou Village, Wan-Nian County, and was the most ancient centralized place of the Han people. And Hou-Jing and You-Chang were adequately developed at the Ming Dynasty period of Taiwan, listed number three with Zuo-Ying, and had honorable positions in the developing period of Taiwan.

You-Chang has been a place propitious for giving birth to great men since the early times. There are a few scholars that were born here. This made the people living in You-Chang feel very honorable.

Our Community-Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Summary of Our Project

He, is blind, but lights up the road of life for lots of people that can see. He, has jerked arms, but has become the main drummer of a musical group, and has held two pottery exhibitions. He, can’t speak clearly, but is very humorous, and even sings for people. He, needs other people’s help, but is like a soldier, and donates money to lots of people. He, has fought three times with Death, but he never gave up easily. He, is John; his road of life isn’t easy to walk, but he is very happy……

Seeing John smiling resplendently, listening to John’s skillful drumming, admiring John’s lively pottery, and reading John’s touching story, we will understand deeply, what’s called “finding the exclamation mark of life in the calling of love”.

John's family photo picture

John was born in 1964 A.D in You-Chang. He started a miserable life of sickness, for the cause of a small fever when he was young. But he loves his life fervently, and adores sharing his happiness of life to other people. Besides, being the main drummer of You-ChangChurch’s Choir, John has been to schools, jails, public welfare groups and further more units monthly to share his story of life, and perform his skillful drumming permanently. This touched lots of people.

Instead of introducing what John has done and influenced our society, we have also interviewed teachers and students of our school, aiming to find out how they think about John and other handicapped people.

John has the open and bright optimistic individuality

The teachers have held an activity to let the Bright Class students understand how to do things when they are handicapped.

John has now become a leader of peoples' lives. Therefore, when John is guiding us to the light of life, we write down his precious story of life for everyone in Taiwan, and everyone in the world to know about this great warrior of life.

John's story has encouraged many people

Our Computer and Internet Access

Our school!So cool!


We have two computer classrooms and each classroom has 80 computers to provide the students to use it.

The computers in the school have been connected; the team members usually use the computers to search for information and printing out the documents.

We frequently use the computer


The team members mostly use ADSL to surf the WWW at home. After they leave school, we use the school's mailbox and webdisk to continue our research.

Problems We Had To Overcome

In the beginning, no one really knows what kind of competition Cyberfair is, not to mention, we also don’t understand how to make the assignments of Cyberfair. It is a blessing that the teachers can roughly tell us the rules of being participated in Cyberfair and how to do the assignments when the lesson just started. The teachers will arrange the weekly progress for us first, and then spend the class time discussing the arrangement of the progress with us. Usually, there are only one or two team members will not follow the progress to finish the work and let the whole research progress be postponed. So, the teachers often warn us to keep relaxed, but use a rigorous attitude do the assignments of the Cyberfair.

In all assignments, which let us feel the most interesting, and the most challengeable is – interviewing and the disability experience camp.

We discuss together the direction of our project

Besides the official visit to John and John’s mother, the Bright class teachers asked us to interview our teachers and our classmate by ourselves; and all of the topics of the interview were needed to be written by ourselves, this was what we haven’t reached in the former courses.This job may seem a bit hard to our group of children that are just ten years old. Therefore, we held the spirit that we ill never give up first, then, we’ll contact with the interviewer to finish the work of interviewing.

About the disability experience camp, from planning the camp to holding the activity, these were all our first time doing this

This activity deeply let us understand that if we have disability, it will make our living very inconvenient; we also admire the braveness and willpower of the handicapped people. This is maybe the thing we learned for undertaking the disability experience camp too!

We solve the problem together

But,there are still a lot of troubles during making the website; among them, the most troublesome one is the pressure of school work! Especially when it was monthly test time, we cannot work at all, because schoolwork is really annoying. It often let us feel that we don’t have any time to rest.

On the computer skills and dividing works, the teachers have arranged lots of courses to learn the skills, but we still met some small problems on working, for instance: The computers at our house often crashes, causes the work cutting off; The computers of the school installed a” Recovery Genius Program”, so we have to reset the settings of Flash again every time. Plus, when we do the assignments at home, the assignments that are needed to upload to the database of the school, often occurs upload failing and mistakes too.

Teachers frequently assist us

Also, when we go to interview people, the recording pen was operated incorrectly, and caused us unable to record the content of the interview completely, so we had to interview the people again.

When we were writing the manuscripts, we often don’t know how to begin. It is a blessing that we had the teachers and parents’ assistance, so we could finish the manuscripts easily.

We study very much joyfully

Our Project Sound Bite

Our project is to contact with this great warrior of life by interviewing him; we can unfold John’s story of life completely before our community and everyone in the world, and arouse everybody's attention to the handicapped people, give the handicapped people help and encouragement at the right time, cherish our own lives more, in order to let our own life more splendid.

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