Participants Contribution Percentage

1. Preparing questionnaires for interviewees

55 H

2. Recording

3. Interviewing the interviewees

4. Writing interview script

5. Design, investigation, statistics and analysis ofquestionnaires

6. Web page management and opinion arrangement

7. Meeting recapitulation

8. Completing the progress table and preparing registration

9. Information collection

Instructors 1. Holding meetings 20 H
2. Drafting special topic name and outlines
3. Information study and analysis on the special topic
4. Technical instruction on web page making skills
Voluntary Parents

1. Picture taking

15 H

2. Drivers and bodyguards

3. Contacting the interviewees

4. Technical instruction on web page making skills

5.  Modification on scripts

The Interviewed Objects and Institutions 1. Providing information and pictures 5 H
2. Assistance in contacting the interviewees
3. Being interviewed
Students of MingHu Junior High School

1. Fill out the Questionnaires

5 H

2. Visit the Journalism Exhibition and Reflect