Category in which we are competing ¡G Community Groups and Special Populations


Our ¡§ Local Community ¡¨ is ¡G

6 decades ago, as the Nationalist government failed in the civil war between Kuomintung and Chinese Communist Party, a massive wave of immigration occurred across the Taiwan Strait . Approximately one million of so-called ¡§provincial families¡¨ or ¡§external provincial persons¡¨ came to Taiwan with the government. Most of them were soldiers and their dependents dwelling in different places dispersively. In order to help them settle down, the government built many armed forced dependents' villages named ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ featured by ¡§bamboo and tile as a roof, chopsticks and mud as a wall.¡¨ With time passing, these formed a very special family having its own culture of villages and lifestyle. There are military dependents' villages everywhere in Taiwan . As living in Taipei and having a favorable geographic position, we take these villages in Taipei City as our research topic.


Our ¡§ Project Report Depiction ¡¨ is ¡G

Taking ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ to describe dependents' villages implies the meanings of ¡§segregation¡¨ and ¡§isolation¡¨. Indeed, it's the situation of dependents' villages in early times. However, as time changed, ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ surrounding dependents' villages were torn down with urban renewal, reconstruction of dependents' villages, outward moving of the residents for studying and marriage, etc. It's a pity that we can sense a tendency of confrontation and discord among Taiwan 's races and families due to the previous elections in recent years, making people on this land worry. We made interviews with many veterans or honorary soldiers, their dependents, and the younger generation. By means of this project report research, we hope to enhance more comprehension and understanding between different races and families. Because no matter people came to Taiwan earlier or later, they all settled down and took root on this land. Furthermore, we hope to make people inside/outside the ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ all realize that ¡§We are families¡¨ through this project report


Our Network Environment ¡G

Each team member has a computer at home connected to the ADSL broadband network. The assignments that the teacher distributed to us commonly would be dealt by the computers at home, and then reported and transmitted back to the teacher. Besides, we also utilized the network to receive/send E-mails, contact each other, look for data, transmit files and even chitchat. It is very convenient to use the network. If we needed to discuss the outlines of Web pages and art designing, the computer classroom in school afforded us a place for conferring and using network.


Difficulties Encountered and Solutions ¡G

Difficulties encountered Solutions

As each member has curricular courses and talent-and-skill cramming, and some team members even participate in a chorus, it is not so easy to get all members to show up.

Make sure the date and time of working early and notify each member a week before the working day to let everyone to make arrangements and adjust the courses. Besides, we also had meetings during the noon-break or after school.

As we deal with the questionnaires on campus, some students refuse to be interviewed for lack of interest.

Find the known classmates in the elementary schools and ask them to introduce their good friends. This kind of ¡§rat clubs¡¨ or snow balls really worked.

As we can only have an interview on holidays, and if the interviewed are working people, it is much inconvenient to match each other on time.

We took the leisure after the monthly exams to go to Taipei City Council to visit councilors and officers of Department of Urban Development. We also dropped by the boss of the breakfast bar before going to school. By this way, we could fit in with the time of the interviewed objects without affecting our school time.

We learned Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. a little bit before, but did not understand them deeply and almost forgot everything right now.

Teachers sacrificed their noon-break and after-class-time to teach us how to apply to the web pages of this project report gradually from the beginning.

Some grandfathers and grandmothers interviewed speak with a heavy native accent so that we can not understand what they talk about.

Ask fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, etc. for help to listen to the radio tape. If still unable to understand it, we could not but wield personal imagination and creativity (Fortunately, this kind of situation does not happen frequently).

As the interviewed objects live in different places, it takes a long time to go there and back.

Andy's and Jim's fathers not only offered two ¡§private taxies¡¨ but also served as drivers to take us to ¡§anywhere we want to go¡¨


Reflections and maxims ¡G

(a) It was really fantastic to work alone and together to finish this project.
(b) When seeing the work done, we realized the true meanings of ¡§those who sow with tears must reap with cheers¡¨.
(c) No matter when people came to this land, 400 or 60 years ago, after settling down and taking root here, we became families and should not distinguish from each other.