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The text on our website is the content of our field trips and interviews. All photos on the website are taken by us using digital cameras. A few of the cited photos are used with permission. When we were going to make a report, the teacher always emphasized that it is wrong to directly copy other people's information.
Reference books:
1.Environmental Aesthetics of Campus Public Art: Taking National Taiwan University of Arts as an Example/Author: Shi Huimei/Publisher: Wunan/Publication date: 2020/12/10
校園公共藝術的環境美學:以國立臺灣藝術大學舉隅/作者: 施慧美 / 出版社:五南 / 出版日期:2020/12/10
2.Catherine Grout, translated by Yao Mengyin (2002). Art intervention space, Yuanliu Publishing Company.
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周逸傑 (2003)。公共藝術作品在校園開放空間設置之研究一以台北市南湖、中崙、育成高中與建成、雙園國中為例 〕 ,國立台灣科技大學設計學院建築研究所碩士論文。
Reference website:
2.Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia(維基百科,自由的百科全書):
3.Changhua Big Village Attractions" Village East Elementary School│Rainbow Tree House Slide + Painted Fairy Tales Book Librar
4.Invincible sea view, Greek style! Inventory of 6 "Wonderland Elementary Schools" in Taiwan, so beautiful that you want to repeat primary school
無敵海景、希臘風情!盤點全台6間《仙境國小》 美到讓你想重讀小學
5.Meet the world of picture books! Cucdong Elementary School Community Reading Center
6.Is your elementary school so beautiful? Special search for 10 schools with different styles
7.Tree house slides Climb up and down adventure
樹屋溜滑梯 爬上爬下大探險
8.Through the whole Taiwan, we specially searched ten dream primary schools
9.Beautiful Changhua May Issue No.11_E-Book
10.Has the most beautiful forest library in Taiwan, Changhua County Cundong Elementary School has a wind and rain stadium/2017/12/24 /Zhongshi /Xie Qiongyun
坐擁全台最美麗森林系圖書館 彰化縣村東國小有風雨球場了/2017/12/24/中時/謝瓊雲
"Changhua County Attractions Special Search and Arrangement"
These new Changhua attractions are very popular on IG! Did you check in?
12.Create a model community reading center/Dacun Village Cundong Primary School's exterior wall painting becomes a new highlight
Taiwan Good News/ 2015.04.12
打造造型社區閱讀中心-大村村東國小外牆彩繪成新亮點/台灣好新聞/ 2015.04.12
13.Beautiful Bookstore attracts Singapore Teachers College to send English books in person/2015/08/25
美麗書屋 吸引新加坡師院親送英文書籍/2015/08/25
Cundong Elementary School`s Coffee House Into the Autumn Fairy Tale
2014/08/24 Mid time
村東國小咖啡屋 走進秋天童話/2014/08/24/中時
Power of attorney

The aerial photos of the campus we referenced have been authorized by the photographers.
work progress records
Date: 10/18/2021
Activity theme: School cyberfair warm up 1 ~

    The teacher  takes us step by step from the introduction of the school cyberfair. The teacher first introduces the meaning, eight major categories, and competition methods of the school cyberfair. Let us have a preliminary understanding of the School cyberfair. Then the teacher asked us to browse the contents of the past school cyberfair. Hope that by observing the works of others, we can better understand how to carry out related activities of the school cyberfair.
Date: 10/25/2021
Activity theme: start the work of cyberfair

    Although the teacher has told us about the approximate method of participating in the school cyberfair. However, everyone still has no idea how to carry out the school cyberfair. As a result, the teacher used the online blog work completed by the seniors last year. Analyze the history of online blogging and the experience of seniors completing the online blogging for us. Let us know more clearly: how to start the relevant work of blogging.

Date: 11/01/2021~11/15/2021
Activity theme:School cyberfair work start 1 ~ find group members, find topics

    After a preliminary understanding of the school cyberfair, we started looking for players and topics we wanted to study. At the beginning, I was always looking for my own good friends, but the teacher reminded us that the school cyberfair is a multi-faceted activity. It is best that the group members have heterogeneity, and group members with different specialties are more able to divide their work. Therefore, everyone re-thought about the composition of the team members, but soon they decided. As for the research topic, it is very nerve-racking. Because we did it for the first time, everyone has no direction. The teacher suggested that we look more at the previous works and find more people and things around us. Each week, the teacher also uses a comprehensive activity class time to lead us to discuss the topics we want to study in our group. Finally, each group has a theme that they want to explore. The first group wanted to explore the flora and fauna of the campus; the second group wanted to explore the school's building decoration works; the third group wanted to explore the community's special carvings.
Date: 11/22/2021
Activity theme:School cyberfair work start 2 ~ Focus on the topic consensus

    After three weeks of group discussions. The teacher led everyone to focus on the research topic. The teacher analyzed the research topics of our three groups. We found that what everyone wants to explore is related to "beauty". Therefore, everyone reached a consensus: the theme of the beauty of campus. So the teacher gave everyone the first task: to find the beauty of the campus.

Date: 11/29/2021~12/31/2021
Activity theme: School Online Exhibition Work Start 3 ~ Theme Structure Determination and Related Work

After discussion, we decided to take the school's public art as the subject of this research. We asked our teachers to help us with a class on the fundamentals of understanding beauty. Let everyone better understand the principle of beauty. It also gave everyone a more unified view of the definition of beauty. And discuss with the teacher: how should we define the campus public art. The teachers also took us to campus to find the various campus public art in our school.

Date: 01/03/2022 ~ 01/13/ 2022
Theme of the event: Preparation for web content construction ~ Shooting skills learning

We are about to start photographing public art on campus. We asked the teacher to teach us how to take pictures with the tablet. After the teacher explained, he took us to the scene to take pictures. and guide us anytime. Let's get used to photo shooting more and more.

Date: 01/14/2022~01/30/2022
Activity theme: Network content construction preparation  ~

Take photos We use our spare time or after school to take photos of different themes.

Date: 02/ 01/2022 ~ 02/18/2022
Theme of the event: Website content construction preparation ~ Photo editing in progress

After a period of shooting. Let's start with photo editing. The teacher first guided us to use Power Point and PhotoScape photo editing software to edit photos. Let the photos we take be presented in a unified photo format and size.

Date: 02/20/2020~03/02/2020
Activity theme: web page construction and testing~

After the photo editing is done, we group it for web page production. Everyone is responsible for editing web pages. The completed web pages are also being carefully checked for the link function and content of each web page.