Envirnmental factor:

Pingtung is a tropical climate and ecological diversity city. The most developed industry is agriculture.

Current events factors:

Today, processed food is so advanced. People began to check the safety of "foodstuffs", and then there is the common market "organic products." The "organic" is not only a casual word. It must go through government agencies certified organic products in order to get a organic mark.

Selected Farm:

        So we decided to visit organic farms in Pingtung, and to spy on mystery of organic products. We understand the farmers insist to the environment and  in order to give people healthy. These farmers, though nameless, however, because of love for this land, they work quietly with their own ideas. The hard and joy among the work, they will be presented at this page. That everybody can appreciate this "Happy Farm."


Design problem:

About the problem design before we visit farm process as follow. At first , we searched in internet to understand all farm's data that we would visit. We focused on the characteristic of these farm and find the different point of them. Sometimes everyone has interest problem about these farms, or has questions about datas. Then we organize whole information again and proposed the problem. For example: What years this farm founded? Who is the farm founded people? Why to founded this farm? How did farmer prevention insect pest?...... and so on. These are our interview questions. Then we actually visit the farm. In addition to listening to the owner's presentation. We also see how to grow a variety of crops, these crops taste natural flavor. How can absorb new knowledge of organic farming? etc ......,They are the focus of our research points. Therefore, we designed the page "farm profile" for five major items "farm style", "farm experience", "farm specialty", "farm traffic," hoping that we visit the farm to do a comprehensive introduction. So that you can with the little trail we have trodden , together look for organic smallholders in Pingtung County.










Chores about farm:

We are introducing organic farms in Pingtung County. Because of Pingtung County is in lower latitudes and it is the southernmost county in Taiwan. So it has the hot climate naturally than other counties. Local farmers use good natural factors, coupled with their developed cultivation technology, developed excellent organic agriculture for the Pingtung. It plus a good sign agricultural and was the pride of Pingtung.

Pingtung County has always been a major agricultural county. Due to the warm climate, suitable for growing agricultural, either rice, fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and so on ......, there are quite a large area of cultivation in Pingtung. In recent years, the rise of the concept of organic agriculture, tourism agriculture plus counseling Pingtung county government determined to transition farmers to develop organic leisure farm. So Pingtung County needs more organic leisure farm. They are a good place for sightseeing and learning. We are a group of children growed in rural areas. I hope everyone can through my web production, not only find our home, but also more understanding about their home.

Selection theory

 This time we selected five types of farm, are "flower", "fruit", "ecology", "grain" and "vegetable." Among each category, we have selected more representative of the farm. Since there are many small farmers in Pingtung. We would like to visit a few more, but because of the limited funding and time, so we just picked nine farms to make an introduction. Each farm has different mode of operation patterns. They all operated the farm and conformed to the laws of nature. They  find the best natural control pest methods and let us feel the nature going great.

We are also actively involved in the implementation of many farms course. We not only experienced the farmer's hard work, but also understood that each link has a lot of tricks. It is difficult to understand, if we just to see with the eyes.






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