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A Benevolent Pediatrician in TianJhong

Shou-Shan Hall & the Jing-Sung Hospital

                                                            History of Tianjhong

       Tianjhong Township, of which original name was Tianjhongyang (Center of Farmland) due to that it was surrounded by paddy fields in the past, is located in southern Changhua County.

  The old Sha-lun Street (the original downtown area of Tianjhong) was very busy, but two serious fires caused extensive damage to this area. After that, Mr. Shao-nian Chen led his family members to move to the new block (the present downtown of Tianjhong) and rebuild their homeland. The new area is named after “Fire Market”, which is located between Yuan-ji Road and Nan-bei Street in Tianjhong. Later, more and more immigrants from Mainland China and local residents developed this area, improved the environment, and raised up the quality of life during the Japanese colonial period, which made our hometown, Tianjhong, a big progress and maintained the original hospitality as well.

Open the album, and you can see the precious photos which record the history of our hometown. Plump-eared Rice, prosperous streets, and glorious memories all do credit to the hard work of our predecessors.