Topic Background


 Early in Changhua Shenkang Quanzhou area, Gaojia drama culture flourished, about 4,5 career troupe, many people in acting for the industry, but with the changing times, more and more narrow living space outdoor theater, opera groups have withered, and the last remaining Zhoutian Shun Zhou Chunli operated by two generations of father and daughter are struggling to maintain the new incense at Liyuan Theatre does not fall. But, in order to survive theater, opera troupe is turning into play,Gaojia drama thus gradually decline.
 After the establishment of the Community Development Association, to build community and cultural characteristics, to restore the old elegance of Gaojia drama has become the target of Association efforts. Founded on March , a troupe of high, follow Church Road past the "new Jinzhu" in the name, more than 35 class members, aged between 40 th at the age of 60, a troupe of high aged 78 leaves Ye Ch Niui teacher guidance. 2012 years Shenkang States also will be established Shenkang junior Gaojia drama groups, community resources, and cultural heritage of Gaojiadrama.





Our Team

 We are in the Shenkang country students. Expectations of their traditional skills is to learn more. Give the opportunity to challenge themselves. Also hope to do some service for the community and school classmates. Learn more about his hometown.
 The team originated in a teacher's persistence, he has been engaged in the work of local roots. Currently the number of teams about 20 people. Wednesday lunch gathering. Use Saturday afternoon to cultural heritage.






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