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Dazhi Senior High School prides itself for its wonderful location with abundant resources. Standing by Keelung River and surrounded by hills of Dazhi, Dazhi Senior High School is also in the neighborhood of National Palace Museum, Taipei Art Museum, and Lin An-Tai Historical Home, in which school field trip is often conducted. However, Martyr's Shrine, a famous resort for both local and foreign tourists, is somehow just not on the list of our field trip destinations for a very long time, not to mention that Martyr's Shrine is the closest spot among those worthy of a visit.
On the other hand, related courses and learning sheets designed by our teachers of Social Study Area is included in the seventh-grade School-based Curriculum Development. Every seventh grader is able to learn knowledge about Martyr's Shrine in class. During the semester, our school would conduct a field trip to Martyr's Shrine guided by Teens (project team of Martyr's Shrine). Students get to learn the history of Martyr's Shrine, witness the beauty of its architecture, and most excitingly, enjoy watching the fabulous Guard Mounting performance!
Teens of Dazhi high school design courses with their teachers side by side, initiating a pioneering work of School-based Curriculum Development. They not only analyze history together but also create history together!
Miss Huang Shu-Ya¡¦s lecture on designing a course on Martyr¡¦s Shrine Group discussion on Martyr¡¦s Shrine Field trip to Martyr¡¦s Shrine Interview
Miss Huang Shu-Ya's lecture on designing a course on Martyrs' Shrine Group discussion on Martyrs' Shrine Field trip to Martyrs' Shrine Interview
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