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¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@ Introduction of Teens

Dazhi Taiwan Folklore Research Club has eleven members. Our research subject this semester is to study Martyrs' Shrine. We use Teens as our group name with the hope to look into Martyrs' Shrine through the perspective of young innocent teens.
Student: Li Huei-Jiun Student: Chen Ying-Han Student: Kuo Jia-Hung Student: Chen Yu-An
Student: Li Huei-Jiun
Student: Chen Ying-Han Student: Kuo Jia-Hung
Student: Chen Yu-An
Li Huei-Jiun
For the past nine months, we've made countless trips to Martyrs' Shrine and done numerous interviews. We interviewed Mr. Yao Yuan-Chung, the architect of Martyrs' Shrine, Professor Tsai Jin-Tang, Mr. Lien Yi-Chou, Mr. He Shih-Geng, the first manager of Grand Hotel and founder of SET Tour, etc. From each interview, I've learned a lot of interesting facts. During our research period, we spent several days carrying loads of questionnaires to Martyrs' Shrine to do a survey. After the survey, we realized that there were so many foreign tourists visiting Martyrs' Shrine. They are from Japan, Korea, America, and Hong Kong. Although we don't speak the same language, our survey candidates did our questionnaires cooperatively and kindly. Luckily with the help of their tour guide, the survey didn't take up too much time. We found that doing survey was so much fun! We made a lot of efforts and spent lots of time on this research project, and we've also learned a lot of valuable experience from it.
Chen Ying-Han
National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine is nearby our school, Dazhi High School. It's a must-visit spot for tourists in Taipei. However, although we just live in the neighborhood, we didn't really know much about this former Taiwan Huguo Jinja, the now Martyrs' Shrine. Therefore we chose this subject to get to explore our famous neighbor, and to see why it has drawn countless tourists. First we began from learning Dazhi District, where we grow up. We invited Mr. Lien Yi Chou, who is in charge of Dazhi Studio of Culture and History, to tell us about the development and geographical environment of Dazhi. We didn't understand what a ¡§golden¡¨ location Dazhi is until we listened to Mr. Lien's introduction. What's even more interesting is that we interviewed two old ¡§grandpas¡¨, Mr. Yao Yuan-Chung, the architect of Martyrs' Shrine and Mr. He Shih-Geng, the first manager of Grand Hotel and founder of SET Tour. We've learned so much about how Martyrs' Shrine was built, and found out why Martyrs' Shrine is a famous tourist attraction. After our survey, we learned that Guard Mounting is the major attraction of Martyrs' Shrine for tourists. In order to observe and film the Guard Mounting performance, we made countless round-trips to Martyrs' Shrine. From the survey result, we also discovered that most tourists do not know that Martyrs' Shrine enshrines our nation's founding heroes and heroines. Thus, we've made up our mind to let the world know the true meaning and spirit of Martyrs' Shrine.
Kuo Jia-Hung
I think many people's first impression on Martyrs' Shrine is the Guard Mounting performance, including mine. The performance is indeed a stunning scene to watch. When the sun shines on the beige-white floor tiles, the honor guards march along in absolute straight and neat lines on the tiles. This is the pride that belongs to those who go through strict training and discipline. I couldn't help but admire them genuinely from the bottom of my heart. We've watched and interviewed three types of honor guards in the Martyrs' Shrine. Their job is to guard Martyrs' Shrine and I sincerely think that this job is sacred and significant. However, the attraction of Martyrs' Shrine is not just Guard Mounting; its architecture, history and significance are worthy of further exploration. I've known a lot more about Martyrs' Shrine through numerous interviews and research. Thanks to Miss Huang for making all those arrangements and helping us do the survey on weekends. This research has really inspired me to a great extent.
Chen Yu-An
People say, if you go to Paris without visiting Eiffel Tower, you didn't go to Paris at all. So, if you come to Dazhi without visiting Martyrs' Shrine, you didn't come to Dazhi at all. This is what I've learned from this project. In the beginning, Martyrs' Shrine was totally strange to me, but after several lectures and interviews, I have learned the origin of Martyrs' Shrine and the features of its architecture. Martyrs' Shrine is a famous tourist attraction for foreign visitors. What they love most about Martyrs' Shrine is the Guard Mounting performance. Besides that, I hope this project can make more people know Martyrs' Shrine.
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Student: Chen Yun-Dieh Student: Chen Wei Student: Shen Yi-Jiun Student: Lo Huai-Chi
Student: Chen Yun-Dieh Student: Chen Wei Student: Shen Yi-Jiun Student: Lo Huai-Chi
Chen Yun-Dieh
Tall and good-looking soldiers and crowded tourists who are busy taking photos are my only two impressions on Martyrs' Shrine since childhood. Under the hot sun, we Teens visited the honor guards and had our first contact with them. That was my first step to explore Martyrs' Shrine. After reviewing our research projects, we recommend that you stop by Dazhi to visit the solemn and majestic Martyrs' Shrine. We believe our thorough introduction will lead you to experience the amazing story and spectacular architecture of Martyrs' Shrine.

Chen Wei
In order to do this project, we almost got to the bottom of Martyrs' Shrine to dig out every story and each piece of information about it. In June, 2005, we went to a seminar hosted by Mr. Lien Yi-Chou. It was the first time that I realized the copious history background of Martyrs' Shrine. I used to consider Martyrs' Shrine just a shrine with huge archway entrance guarded by majestic honor guards. Our instructors led us to look into Martyrs' Shrine's past through historical, geographical, political and cultural perspectives. Listening to Mr. Yao, the architect of Martyrs' Shrine talking about the fantastic history of Martyrs' Shrine, we saw in his eyes a sense of pride as a hero behind the scenes. On the other hand, the Tri-force training for sentry is virtually a mission impossible to us. We admire their tolerance and resistance from the bottom of our heart. Where there's a will, there's a way. We finally accomplished our mission to let the world know our nation's Martyrs' Shrine.

Shen Yi-Jiun
Doing this project for CyberFair is a big challenge that inspired me to learn a great deal of things. I used to live in Dazhi District and never really noticed Martyrs' Shrine. It never occurred to me that it has an amazing history of its own. However, with this opportunity to participate CyberFair, I learned together with our Teens members, and worked with them to do interviews, surveys. I've acquired plenty of knowledge about Martyrs' Shrine and understood its real value to us, which deepens my emotional attachment to Dazhi District, my hometown. I also think that doing this project is like reading a fascinating book. Each time I read it, I read it with smiles and absorbed important knowledge which I didn't realize that was important to me. We had a fun and happy time doing this project!

Lo Huai-Chi
Participating CyberFair again, I could still feel the sense of honor of the moment when I went up to the stage and received the award. However, a hundred percent success requires two hundred percent efforts. I remember the butterfly in my stomach the first time I passed out a questionnaire to a foreigner. Magically, I got used to it and wasn't afraid anymore. I sort of liked doing survey with foreign tourists, because I got to communicate with people from different countries. Besides, both the courses we received and the interviews we did regarding Martyrs' Shrine have enriched my mind to a great extent. I truly cherish this second opportunity to participate CyberFair because I think there's only one word could describe such experience, ¡§Fabulous¡¨! Thanks to our instructors' guidance and help which allow us to make this mission accomplished successfully.
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Student: Tsuei Ping Student: Lai Jian-Yu Student: Wang Hung-Ruei Teens
Student: Tsuei Ping
Student: Lai Jian-Yu
Student: Wang Hung-Ruei
Tsuei Ping
I often passed by Martyrs' Shrine without stopping by. I didn't realize there's so much philosophy in it until I began to do this research project. We visited Martyrs' Shrine many times and interviewed many people, such as Mr. Lien Yi-Chou, Professor Tsai Jin-Tang, Mr. Yao Yuan-Chung, Mr. Lian Hsing-Jian, honor guards and tourists from everywhere. They have provided us with a great deal of valuable experience or opinions which was an eye-opening learning experience to me. I also felt differently every time I visited Martyrs' Shrine. Whether on sunny days, on cloudy days, or on rainy days, I always get different impressions on Martyrs' Shrine. The best symbol of Martyrs' Shrine is definitely the valiant honor guards. At last I have to express my appreciation to our school dean, Miss Huei Chin-Yi, Mr. Li Jyun-Jhih, Miss Huang Shu-Ya and the other school teachers and parents of our team members. It's great to have you with us!

Lai Jian-Yu
Martyrs' Shrine is located nearby Grand Hotel, facing Keelung River. It was built in 1969, and shares the same architectural style of Beijing's Tai-he Palace. The grand and majestic Martyrs' Shrine is one of the famous landmarks of Dazhi District. Visitors are always amazed by the super cool guards who always stand in front of the gate 365 days throughout the year. No matter how you play tricks or make funny faces in front of them, they'd always remain solemn and stern. We can tell that they must have received very demanding training for doing this job. This project allows me to understand more about the architecture of Martyrs' Shrine. I also especially admire the Guard Mounting performance. Martyrs' Shrine belongs to our community and we are obliged to explore what's in it so that we could have a better understanding of our own hometown. Therefore I've gained a lot from this project.

Wang Hung-Ruei
When I was little, I used to love to go to Martyrs' Shrine to see Guard Mounting performance, because I thought the honor guards looked really cool and handsome. Their commanding presence, neat marching style and well-executed gun handling left a significant impression in my childhood memory. I used to like to imitate them doing the gun handling and marching in front of my family. Therefore, when we decided to use Martyrs' Shrine as our research topic, I was totally thrilled to do it. Because this time, I can really get close to them and know them more! Under the guidance of our teachers and instructors, we initiated our research, from initial planning, distribution work, searching for information, organizing information, interviews to participating seminars regarding this topic, we did it step by step, little by little. Although our work was complicated and challenging, we felt excited about everything we learned. We unveiled the mystery of Martyrs' Shrine gradually and were stunned by its abundant history and allusions. I would never forget that one time we were able to interview the honor guards in person! They took our interviews and had their photos taken by us. Our interview with them was full of humorous conversations and charming wits. I was surprised to learn that they not only look cook but also are wise and humorous. I tried to find out what qualifications a soldier should have to be an honor guard. Sigh! I have to be more than 180 cm tall and decent looking. That seems like an impossible dream to me. Finally, our research is accomplished. I am really touched by the result of our teamwork. We share our project on this webpage, hoping to let the world know the beauty and amazing story of Martyrs' Shrine. Of course in the end, I have to thank our instructors' enthusiastic guidance.
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Instructor: Dean Huei Chin-Yi Instructor: Huang Shu-Ya Instructor: Li Jyun-Jhih Leading students to do an interview
Instructor: Dean Huei Chin-Yi Instructor: Huang Shu-Ya Instructor: Li Jyun-Jhih Leading students to do an interview
Huei Chin-Yi
Seeing our Teens getting involved in this folklore research, I was deeply touched. Because right after they participated the seminar conducted by Mr. Lien Yi-Chou, these young Teens started to become a young researcher, a young archaeologist, or a young detective just to unveil the mystery of Martyrs' Shrine to the world. Designing questionnaires, interviewing visitors, and visiting well-respected seniors are all new and novel experiences to the Teens. These experiences can definitely not acquired through daily school classes. They sacrificed their own vacations in exchange for such an abundant learning experience; thus I'm extremely proud of them.

Huang Shu-Ya
In order to restore the historical value of National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, we conducted this project with Teens for several months. We finally made some achievements. We have told the story of former Martyrs' Shrine, and reported a detailed introduction to the architecture of Martyrs' Shrine. We contribute our fruitful result to our school and hopefully this research can arouse more of people's sympathetic response in our society so that residents in this community or even our fellow citizens can have a further understanding of Martyrs' Shrine.

Li Jyun-Jhih
We spent nine months conducting this research project. In order to shoot complete images of three types of honor guards, nine months is not long at all. To complete a thorough project of Martyrs' Shrine with students within this time frame, we are lucky enough to have made it. Of course we have to thank the administrative officers for tolerating our disturbance from time to time and also thank them for the convenience they had offered us. What's more, we thank those well-respected seniors for providing us with very precious historical documents and information which allow us to honestly and thoroughly present the true significance of Martyrs' Shrine. In the end, I have to express my gratitude to our Teens members. Despite their heavy schoolwork, they still spent a considerate amount of time and efforts on this project and make this happen with us.
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