What is the Millet Ark Project?
The name of the project is "Noah's Ark", which is quoted from the Bible. This project is carried out by Professor Yih-Ren Lin of Taipei Medical College and Syax Tali、Pagung of the Atayal tribe. For the trakis of the Atayal group, they preserve the varieties that can adapt to the local ecological environment after planting each year. In the second half of 2020, they built the Trakis Ark team.
How to implement the Millet Ark project?
In the early days, the residents in Tianpu tribe tried to grow cabbage, leafy vegetables, radishes and rhizomes in order to make a living, but the sales were not good. Later, the tribal farmers had a whim and thought that the economic value of tomatoes was relatively high, so they began to grow Lycopersicon esculentum Mill(a kind of tomato), and Lycopersicon esculentum Mill are suitable for growing in high altitude areas. Unexpectedly, they succeeded, their lives improved, and they began to pay attention to their own communities, and the idea of regenerating millet was born, and the "Millet Ark Project" began.

When the Atayal people are planting millet, they will inevitably speak some words about trakis , so you can learn the vocabulary about trakis, and draw the disappearing Atayalethnic culture back. When planting millet, they learned the rituals and culture from the tribes, so that the Atayal people want to protect their homeland and regain their sense of ethnicity, which inspires the Atayal people to have the memory and experience of planting trakis since childhood, and preserve their culture.

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