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  • 6-2Member's experience

  • Lai BoYuan

    By attending this CyberFair, I got to be more familiar with my hometown. Although the places I visited are near my home, my recognition of them is very rudimentary.I learned about their history and the story behind it after this visit. The Tangerine Shop has served the local residents for almost half a century, and the difficulties encountered during the construction of the CiFeng Temple were overcome one by one, and the principles of practicality and reference to the past were integrated to make the whole building thoughtful without deviating from tradition. This survey broadened my horizon and gave me a better understanding of my hometown!

    Liu Zaixian

    I have benefited a lot from participating in the CyberFair. In the process of visiting the Tuā-lōo pîng community and CiFeng Temple, I learned about the architectural form of the Sanheyuan and how it was built, as well as the process of building the palace and the story inside. We also visited the grocery store in the village. It was a special experience because it was my first time to go to a grocery store on the main road, and it was an eye-opening experience. After I participated in the CyberFair, I got to know more about my hometown!

    Xiao Xiangxuan

    By attending the CyberFair, I got to know the story of the Tuā-lōo pîng Village and the CiFeng Temple. For example, the challenges experienced in building the temple in Ci Feng Temple, the interesting stories in the triplexes of the Tuā-lōo pîng settlement, or the heartfelt feelings of the Tuā-lōo pîng grocery store. The owner of the grocery store and his wife were very warm and friendly, telling us many stories about the area. The process of building the temple at Cifeng Temple also taught me how to face difficulties. I admire the efforts of the Executive Director of the Community Development Association in overcoming the difficulties in community building. I hope I can face the difficulties and solve the problems at the same time like they did.

    Lin Youxi

    Because of participating in this CyberFair, I learned about the soft-bodied Mazu statue at CiFeng Temple because of this CyberFair, which has been around for hundreds of years. The grocery store in the settlement is almost fifty years old and is a place rich in history. It is only because there are people who are willing to pass it on that these ancient histories can remain with us, so we should do what we can to organize and record the story of this place and make it into a website so that it can be circulated on the Internet and more people can know about it!

    Lai YouXi

    Tuā-lōo pîng is a beautiful and warm community, where many people grew up, and it is full of memories. It was full of memories, and there is a CiFeng Temple inside the settlement to bless the villagers, and there are many alleys throughout the settlement where children can travel freely. There is also a grocery store that sells many old-fashioned sweets. The owner and the owner's wife are very warm and welcoming to every customer who comes to the store, so that they can feel the human touch of the old days. The 3D-painted walls created by the community are filled with scenes from the old grocery stores. Visitors can take pictures of the fun pinball table, the glass case full of snacks, or the Marble Soda in the wooden box. Participating in the CyberFair was very rewarding and I got to know my hometown better!

    Lai Yunhan

    It was only after I attended this CyberFair that I realized that there are so many stories about the Tuā-lōo pîng settlement near my home, and that my ancestors moved out from the Tuā-lōo pîng settlement, too! It's a special feeling that I have so many relatives! The grocery store tucked away in the settlement also retains its old feel, and the owner of the grocery store is very welcoming to every customer, so it is no wonder that tourists come to look for their childhood memories.

  • 6-3Reference

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  • 6-4Acknowledgement

  • Principal Huang Hong Tian

    We all know that education has a far-reaching impact on children. The current trend of curriculum transformation in all schools is to pursue "internationalization". However, education cannot be without cultural foundations, and children must be made aware of the local life and environment in which they grow up simultaneously. Implementing the understanding and study of the evolution of "local culture" is like a journey of seeking for the roots of life and culture. Only then,we can clarify where one comes from.

    CyberFair is held upholding this spirit. Teachers bring students to have insightful explorations of community and conduct a community survey, and through the analysis of the cultural and historical data of the Daqiao community and interviews with the community elders, they learn about the evolution and progress of the community, and further understand the local culture and cultivate the children's love for the local community.

    To have fully completed the project, our appreciation goes to to Mr. Lai Chi-ming, the Township Councilman, Mr. Lai Min-hong, the chairman of FU MAO oil enterprise company, Mrs. Tsai Hsiu-fung, the chairman of Da-Qiao Community Development Association, and Mr. Lai Ching-choi, the owner of Tuā-lōo pîng grocery store.They have provided students with valuable knowledge that could not be gained in the classroom through many visits and guided tours. I would like to dedicate this research to them, and I would like to write this article to thank them for their selfless dedication and contribution.


    Director of Educational Affairs Division, Lin Jinfeng

    Our hometown, Dacun Township, Changhua County, is a place with a rich cultural heritage. The local gentry makes utilization of the cultural assets that were inherited from their elders and develops tourism resources with local characteristics. Tuā-lōo pîng settlement community is a nostalgic tourist attraction created by the reconstruction of the Sanheyuan by Executive Secretary, Lai Chi-ming, through years of management. In its early years, the Dalu Shore grocery store was opened to serve the needs of the community, and was recently transformed into a nostalgic tourist grocery store by Mr. Lai Ching-Tsai. Next to the settlement, the local faith center, Ci Feng Temple, has the characteristics of a traditional temple, but also incorporates the concept of modern green architecture and barrier-free environment, taking into account both tradition and modernity. These three attractions are linked into a Tuā-lōo pîng tourist colony, which attracts many tourists every year, promoting local prosperity and creating a sense of community pride.

    Through this project, students will be able to experience and understand their hometown and love their hometown. The seeds were planted in the children's minds so that they can contribute to the development of local tourism in the future.

    This study conducted many community visits and interviews and obtained a lot of valuable cultural and historical information. Thanks to the enthusiasm of Mr. Chi-Ming Lai, township councilman and Chief executive officer of Da-Qiao Community development association, Mr. Ching-Tsai Lai, the owner of the grocery store, and Mr. Min-Hong Lai, the designer and planner of Cifeng Temple. We are grateful for the selfless dedication and enthusiasm of the local volunteers, and we were able to complete this project.

6-1 Production records
6-2Member's experience