Project element

Please explain how your team's research project is in line with the goals and objectives of the Taiwan School Network Expo. How do you conduct a special research project on the "Taiwan School Network Expo" activities in conjunction with the 12-year National Basic Education and School-based Curriculum?

We study the "local characteristics", introduce the tourism resources in our location, visit the Pingtung Night Market on the spot, and record the local characteristics we observed and experienced. This part is combined with the 12-year National Basic Education Curriculum Competency Index ["Social" Learning Area]. Compliant metrics:

J-B2 Understand the development and application of technology and media in different time and space, improve media literacy skills, and speculate on the conflicts and impacts it may bring in life.

J-C1 Cultivate the ability of moral thinking and practice, the attitude of respecting human rights, possess democratic literacy, the concept of rule of law, environmental ethics and local and global awareness, and participate in social welfare activities.

J-C3 Understand the interconnectedness of cultures and the interaction between Taiwan and the international community, respect and appreciate the cultural diversity of various ethnic groups.

In terms of "editing web content", we first use our language level to enrich the content of the web page, and then we spend a lot of time discussing, communicating and sharing our ideas with each other. The indicators ["Language" learning area] are combined.

Compliant metrics:

J-A3 Use the national language ability to absorb new knowledge, formulate plans, study independently, exert the spirit of innovation, and enhance personal resilience.

J-B1 Use native language, written expressions to express meaning, improve reading comprehension, and then enhance the ability to appreciate and evaluate texts.

J-B2 uses the materials provided by technology, information and various media to search, integrate, interpret and reflect, and transform it into the ability and quality of life.

On the whole, visits, text editing and web page production are combined with the ["Integrated Activities" learning area], we recognize the power of teamwork, and everyone plays an indispensable role. Compliant metrics:

J-A1 Explore and develop self-potential, make good use of resources to promote adaptive career development, reflect on self-worth, and practice the meaning of life.

J-B1 Respect, tolerate and appreciate others, express their opinions and feelings appropriately, and use empathy and appropriate communication skills to promote good interpersonal interactions.

J-B2 makes good use of resources such as technology, information and media, and can analyze and judge their suitability, so as to effectively execute important affairs in life.

J-C1 Explore the relationship between people and the environment, and plan and execute service learning and outdoor learning activities.

J-C2 Use appropriate interpersonal interaction skills, manage good interpersonal relationships, exert positive influence, cultivate altruistic and gregarious attitudes, improve team effectiveness, and achieve common goals.

Please explain what information technology your team has used to complete your research project? The tools and sources we use to create web pages are:

Technological equipment



Smart phone Contact (parent or store), filming(photos and videos)
Internet (GOOGLE) Data transmission, map download, data collection
Desktop computer

 Image or word processing, web page production

  Using computer software

 Microsoft Word 2013

 Word processing

 Microsoft Expression Web4

 Create a web page

What kind of influence and impact did your team's special research plan have on you?

From the theme of this work, we learned that our once prosperous night market community turned out to be a place with both beauty and humanity. Not only are there many buildings left by previous people, but also food and culture are full of diverse colors. His rich beauty drives economic and industrial development features, such as special housing construction or, his multiculturalism satisfies many different types of tourists. During the visit, we also saw many things that are different from other places, such as traditional Japanese architecture or the characteristics of military villages and so on.

In the process of making web pages, teamwork is very necessary. Every time we gather, it is like going to the battlefield. Everyone must have a limited time to complete their own progress for the day. We realize that to make a good website is a big project, we must first edit the text, edit the pictures, and then form a web page. Although the process is hard and often requires constant revision to make the article more streamlined, we are all willing to complete our own work.

How did your special research project change your place?

Through this webpage, more people can learn about the characteristics of the local night market and let more people know about the night market. People from all over the world can also learn about Taiwanese night markets.

Respect for intellectual property rights and citations

Because of the copyright issue, in the process of making a webpage, if there are photos or texts that I have not taken, I will clearly indicate the source of the reference materials. Most of the content is based on my own thoughts, so as not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

All the content and images we quoted are listed in the "References" section of the "Gratefulness and Reward" section.

Discover, lessons and surprises

Since the pictures on the Internet are somewhat unclear, we have to take a few more photos when we visit, and cherish the experience of each visit. We will record them as texts as soon as possible and we will not forget them. In addition, we found that it was really hard to finish the webpage work. It is not a person who can complete it independently, and must rely on teamwork. The lessons we learned were like paying attention to the visit time, like because we were late, so we missed the visit time of the place we were going to visit, so we didn’t record many words or photos that helped us, so punctuality. Very important.

What method is used to act as an “ambassador” or spokesperson for your online expo exhibition research project through online or personal contact?

The ambassador is Song Mingyun. He is the spokesman. By asking the tour guide, he learned the story of the night market and completed all the tasks.

Learned skills

In the process of visiting the Internet, we learned how to ask questions to interview others, and how to plan our itinerary. After the visit, we learned how to write articles accurately and how to organize and classify information systematically. , how to reduce the size of the image and beautify it. When making a web page, we learn from the code one by one. After a lot of hard work, we learn how to make a complete and functional page.

Cooperation concept and method

The network team let us learn many methods of division of labor and cooperation, such as: the preparation of the itinerary before the visit, the assignment of work during the visit, the assignment of article writing after the visit, and so on. We assign work according to each person's expertise. This division of labor and cooperation makes things more efficient and greatly reduces the error rate of things. Because we also have to take care of schoolwork, the time we can make a website is very limited, so we all use the winter and summer vacations, the school's lunch break, and after school to go home. Although it is very hard, everyone's feelings are getting stronger and stronger.