Go To Pingtung Night Market

" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Opinion feedback


Teacher Yujuan

Suggestions for the future development of the night market: Due to factors such as the cluttered environment of the night market, the rampant traffic of cars and motorcycles, and the narrow dining space, which will affect the visitor rate, it is recommended to cooperate with the county government to relocate to the future night market reservation site, and create a food street in the form of a department store. The same food pairing A more comfortable dining environment to attract more food-loving customers.

Teacher Yuting

I hope that the night market can plan a walking area to make young people want to come in more. It is best to open the hiking area in conjunction with the New Year's festival, so that the crowd can be used to promote the hiking area. It is easier for local people to adapt to the night market on foot. In the future, it can improve the quality of the night market and attract more people to come in.

Teacher Shangzhi

People take food as their heaven. The Taiwanese night market food culture or the old street food culture has a long history and is known to the world! Today, although the economic conditions of every household have been greatly improved compared with decades ago, a variety of domestic and foreign cuisines are very popular, and their development can be described as mushrooming. Drinks, exotic cuisines, fast food, etc. In the daily market, traditional Taiwanese snacks are no longer the only choice, but pork ribs rice, Tuto fish soup, meat balls, etc. are still the most Taiwanese. They are not only food, but also culture and history.

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Huang yi siang

This time, through the visit to the school, I learned about the theme of the night market of our Internet Expo, and I gained a lot from the visit. We know more about the night market, for example: government policy views on night market stalls, popular snack bars, and the overall development of the area around the night market. This visit allowed us to learn more about our many details on the subject, and it also helped us to write more detailed content that enriches the web page for the various viewers of our web page. , whether it is a tourist or a local lover of food, you can know more about this place.

Qiu kai yu

On Monday afternoon, we visited Pingtung Night Market. We each went to different vendors. I was very surprised in the night market, because I rarely go to Pingtung Night Market, so I kept looking at the vendors next to me along the way. After eating the food from the vendors, we will go to interview the boss. After all the interviews, we will go to the scenic spots we want to interview to take pictures. We went to the County Citizens Park and Taiwan Sugar, which I think are very beautiful.

Huang wei

Let's go to Pingtung Night Market today. Getting out of the car and walking to the night market, it is obvious that the crowd is much less than before; many shops are not open. There are a lot more. When visiting the store, you can also feel the helplessness and bitterness of the store owner in this situation. When tasting the dishes, the dishes are simple on the outside and delicious on the inside. I hope the night market can return to its former state.

Lin pin rui

This time we went to Pingtung to visit, we did a lot of fun things. We first went to the ethnic night market in Pingtung, where we ate a lot of things and visited many stores. Later, we went to the scenic spots around the night market, such as Shengli Star Village. There are many beautiful installations of art, all very beautiful. The suggestion for the night market is that I hope that the environment can be cleaned up, not too messy, so that guests can eat more at ease.

Huang kai xin

On Monday afternoon, we gathered to visit, we divided into two groups to visit and taste different stores. In the night market, I think the road that I can walk is very small, but there are still motorcycles that will ride in it. The owners seem to be busy, but they are very nice to the guests. After that, we rode shared bicycles to the surrounding attractions. I felt that there were too many vehicles at the intersection.

Lin jie yun

In the night market, if we see the photos we need at the door of the store, we will take a few pictures. After we arrive at the door of the store, we will order food first, take a few photos of the dishes, and then ask the store some questions. After the visit, everyone gathered together to discuss where the photos needed to be sorted, decorated, modified, and which articles the sorted photos could be placed in. After the photos are processed, everyone checks their articles for typos.