Go To Pingtung Night Market

" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Interview content

Due to the epidemic, many stores are working hard.We interviewed four snack bars.We can feel they are helplessness but strength.

1. Question: Where do you think the night market needs to be changed?

Answer: Cleanliness needs improvement.

2. Question: Do you agree with the government on prohibiting motor vehicles from entering the night market?

Answer: Do not use cars, because the space is too small and will affect the safety of pedestrians. (Praise the meatballs)

3. Question: How will it develop in the future?

Answer: I want to transform the style of the store. There are more young people now. This store is passed down from the older generation. Yes, I used to like to eat noodle, but now there are many young people, and the store needs to be organized and redecorated to attract young people to come in and consume. (Agou noodle shop the boy's shoulder)

4. Question: Did the government's stimulus package help you?

Answer: There is no significant impact, but Pingtung City revitalization coupons has more impact.

5. Question: What is the impact of rising prices?

Answer: Although the raw materials have risen recently, the original price is still maintained.We can't increase the price too much, it will affect the number of guests.

6.Question: Has customer traffic changed in recent years?

Answer: Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of customers has not been as many as before.

7. Question: How will the government's construction of new car parks affect you?

Answer: The construction of a new parking makes the traffic more convenient, and the performance will be better than before.

8. Question: What is your view in the era of the epidemic?

Answer: Tourists can't come in, and people don't dare to go out to consume. The most direct impact is the reduction of income and a significant impact on our performance. Some businesses choose to suspend business while others choose to earn less.