Go To Pingtung Night Market

" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Drive the economy

The night market is the market that is commercially available at night, which may sell diet, apparel, groceries, or games, etc., and have a close relationship with life. Night Market is often an important sightseeing attraction in tropical and subtropical countries; The brand is stationed, which will drive the human tide and economic benefits, and also drive the growth of surrounding housing prices.

The night market is a place that provides people's desires, whether it is food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment, in this small business circle. The epidemic has hit people's livelihood and economy hard, and people from all walks of life hope that the upcoming five-fold coupon will bring timely rain. Unexpectedly, the minimum denomination of the five-fold coupon starts at 200 yuan, which makes the night market stalls who focus on the copper economy very anxious. The denomination of the five-fold coupon is too large, and many families will use them to buy 3C products or livelihood necessities, which is not helpful to the stall traders.