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" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Air pollution

In order to reduce the emission of oil fumes, the Air Quality Protection and Noise Control Office of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan is also actively promoting the installation of oil fume prevention equipment by vendors selling fried, grilled and fried dishes in environmentally friendly night markets. It is not cheap, so it is also encouraged that street vendors can use the method of leasing to prevent oil fumes, and the Environmental Protection Agency can also subsidize half of the rental cost. Ningxia Night Market is the first night market in Taiwan to use oil fume treatment equipment on a large scale. The Autonomous Council directly instructs vendors to install oil fume processors to prevent oil fumes from causing air pollution. It has an impact on my own health, so I went to the Industrial Technology Research Institute to find out how to improve smoke extraction, and spent more than 100,000 yuan to design an electrostatic fume processor."

The National Institute of Environmental Medicine of the National Institutes of Health published a related study in 2019 to monitor fine suspended particulates (PM2.5) in various fields frequently visited by Taiwanese. In terms of outdoor performance, night markets have the highest air pollution index. , The concentration of fine suspended particulates is as high as PM 59.9, and the second is the traditional market 41.4, which shows that the night market vendors emit lampblack, which makes the night market air quality quite bad.