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" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Government's policies to stimulate consumption

The Executive Yuan issued five-fold coupons. During the general questioning of the Pingtung County Council, Mr. Wang paid attention to the issue of five-fold coupons. The county magistrate said that this wave of epidemic has a great impact on trade fairs and night markets. The county magistrate convened a meeting of relevant bureaus to discuss the relevant overweight measures, so that the revitalization can reach all walks of life.

The issuance of night market coupons is still under consideration. The purpose of the revitalization coupons is to revitalize the economy and stimulate consumption. Considering that all industries and categories can benefit, the relevant restrictions and development are not the same, and the night market will be considered when the county government can afford the financial burden. Voucher identification, relevant issuing objects, locations, denominations, etc., and detailed details will be announced together after discussion.