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" Although the epidemic is serious, they still try their best in the difficult situation."

Taiwan night market map

Northern Taiwan Night Market MapNorthern Sightseeing Night Market Awards Taipei City has a large area and a large population, and of course there are many night markets! The most famous ones are Shilin Night Market, Raohe Night Market, Huaxi Street Night Market, Shida Night Market, Ningxia Night Market and so on. In addition to Taipei Night Market, there are Yilan Luodong Night Market, Keelung Miaokou and Hsinchu Chenghuang Temple, which are all famous tourist attractions in northern Taiwan.

Central Taiwan Night Market Map

Hidden version of the food is open to the public Taichung does not have the scenery of mountains and rivers as a tourist backing, but it is famous for its delicious food and snacks. Fengjia Night Market, Zhonghua Road Night Market, Hanxi Night Market, Donghai Night Market, Yizhong Street Night Market, and Miaodong Night Market have their own characteristics, but the most important feature is innovation. You can taste all kinds of innovative food at the Central Night Market.

Southern and Eastern Taiwan Night Market Maps

Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Huadong Night Market Interests Tainan Garden Night Market, Xiaobei Night Market, and Dadong Night Market are well-known, and with the blessings of Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market and Ruifeng Night Market, southern Taiwan is super lively at night! The Taitung Tourist Night Market and Hualien Ziqiang Night Market are not to be outdone. The signature sweet potato crisps, Dongshan duck head, and flat food will make you write a travel diary full of taste.