Return to the  small farmer period in Shezi Island


Welcome to the headquarters of the "Small Farmer Expedition".
Here are the research results we just released!
Please join us to explore the wonderful period of small farmers in Shezi Island.

    The activities of CyberFair 2020 including various forms of reunion and field explorations. After participating in these activities, I earned a lot of memories. At the beginning, teachers told us about this competition. I was interested in and signing up. After courses, I have become team leader because of my efforts. This is a great honor, even though there is limited equipment at home, I seriously want to put more effort on this. I remembered when I went out with Mr. Wenzong Chen to ride a bicycle, I have learned a lot. I knew the children in Shezi Island used to play in the past. The embankment of Shezi Island is different from the current one. We have convenient and beautiful dikes now. Unimaginable, our team in the classroom has an video-chatting experience with the farmer who was working in farmland in Shezi Island. He was busy planting vegetables. And I remembered he said that the current Shezi Island does not have as many vegetable gardens as it did decades ago. In the last gathering, teacher summoned us to come up with ideas on the various topics on the website. We went through some brainstorming together; however, after our cooperative hard work. We finally finished! I ’m glad that this experience makes me better understand the differences between Shezi Island from past to present. Also, we better understand the global event of the Internet and the Internet Expo. It is a very good event. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
    This course is memorable. From the very beginning when we discuss the plan to walk out of school to explore Shezi Island with teachers. From the recollection of childhood with elders to the last meeting when every member was sharing their experiences and feedback. Each moment was enjoyable. These course not only enrich my knowledge but assist me to re-understand the place of Shezi Island, my home. Maybe one day, we will tell the story to others, see the difference between the past and the present, and make here a better place. I hope that I could help my hometown. I always feel that what I ‘ve done is not enough. However, I will try my best. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
    I think this fair is fun. We have experienced a lot of things in the process. When we think of the first work, we all followed the suggestions made by the teacher and our own ideas. When we cooperated and worked, it was like a group of ants working together. There was another time when we went out of the school together to explore the environment. This was the first time we went out to ride a bicycle. We all had some small tensions, but we also worked hard to learn. The investigation are all wonderful memories that is unforgettable. I think the best thing here is to make our experience with all the instructors. I personally think that in the process the most important thing to learn is the attitude. If we all put all our hearts in this course, we can do a nice job in the expo. We must have confidence in ourselves and hope that our works could let everyone know our Shezi Island. I believe we are successul! Finally, I would like to thank our instructors for their hard work. They taught so many people at once. And we also cooperated with the teachers. This is a tacit understanding between teachers and students. This tacit understanding is about the key to success and we all did a great job.
    In this club of the Internet World Expo, I have learned a lot about the differences between Shezi Island in the past and nowadays. What did the children play in the past? What did they used to eat? Once Mr. Xuechang Chen came to tell us what happened to Shezi Island before. He took everyone to ride a bike in Shezi Island. I'm glad he told the stories and introduced us the place where he used to chase butterflies and catch fish and shrimp. It's interesting, and it's very different from now. I was very happy to be in this course. Because this made me more aware of the environmental changes on the Shezi Island. In addition, Mr. Hung is a hardworking vegetable farmer. We once had a video-chatting with him. He seemed very happy to work! He should be a very good vegetable farmer in our island, and we will visit him if we have a chance!
    I had the opportunity to participate in the Internet Expo competition this time, and I learned that my hometown of Shezi Island is different from now and in the past. I was impressed by this course by Mr. Xuechang Chen, a Chinese medicine doctor. He told us about the former Shezi Island, terrain environment, farmland, school life and children's games. We stopped by a small stream and listened to Mr. Chen saying that he used to chase butterflies and catch fish. But it is a pity that this scene has disappeared! I also discovered that the river was clean and there was no garbage from his memories. Modern life is more convenient, but it seems lacking the joy of nature. I am very happy to contribute to my team the illustrations that I am good at. I wish everyone to maintain the most beautiful appearance of Shezi Island, and let the people around the world to see the lovely Shezi Island through the Internet blog.
    I thought it was a very good event. In the beginning, we make teams and look for things in Shezi Island such as related stories, food, history, etc.. We also practiced how to interview including what to say and how to take notes. Later, Dr. Chen took us to see Shezi Island. We first went to the ancient shop. Dr. Chen told us that there was a kind of candy, which was called "Kumquat sugar". He also took us to the secret base where he used to make the earth oven. I had experience with it before. It was super fun! My grandfather told me, "The earth oven is special because it is made of mud!” Here is the story my grandfather told me. When cooking with earth oven, the older children would tell the younger children to go in the front and ask the ghosts not to come. When the child tells the ghost not to come, the older children will take the opportunity to dig up the food in the earth oven to eat, and then put some dogshit in it. After a while, when the young children back and open the earth oven. At this time, terrible things happen because only dog poop is left inside. To join in the small farmer experience team, I feel closer to Shezi Island. This feeling of intimacy is physical and psychological. It is special and wonderful which make me want to know more about Shezi Island.
    Shezi Island Small Farmers Time is my favorite club. I learned some of the history of Shezi Island, how the people used to grow vegetables, and most farmers used to raise cattle for farming. The most interesting thing which surprised me is the farmers in the past must take good care of the cows. To feed the cows are very important. If the cows is hungry, it is impossible to work. So the farmers had to feed the cows even if it is a rainy day. I do not have experience in raising animals. Usually I care about if I am hungry or not, so this story is special to me. After come to this club, I know the people’s life in the past were hard. Now, we have so many convenient devices, we should be content and make good use of them.
    “Return to the small farmer period in Shezi Island” is very interesting. Thank teacher for letting me join in. Every course was very interesting, such as following Dr. to his secret base when he was a kid. The experience at that time made me realize how the former Shezi Island was very different from what I know now. The former Shezi Island seems like a treasure trove of nature. Although there is such a feeling of difference, Shezi Island is also my favorite place. It is the home where I get together with my family. It is the playground where I play with my classmates. I really hope that I can continue to live here. There was another time, grandma Yuxuan taught us to use miscanthus weaving. I was surprised that miscanthus could make such works. It made me think that grass is not just grass. So magical! I hope I can participate in learning more about plant-related activities in the future.
    Since I joined the club, I have become more familiar with Shezi Island. We have visited the residents living in Shezi Island, so that we better understand the story of Shezi Island in the past. Also the difference between the past and the present. I learned that residents of Shezi Island have worked very hard to help Taipei grow more fresh vegetables. I am also very happy to make this webpage to help people better understand the vegetables of Shezi Island so that they can continue to serve Taipei in the future.
    I participated in the club “Return to the small farmer period in Shezi Island”, teachers planned several experiencing courses, including planting vegetables, visiting secret bases by bike, weaving miscanthus, and visiting wetland. These are very fun and boost my knowledge. One of my favorite courses was went cycling. That time, because my knee was injured and there was a large wound before that departure. Teachers worried whether I could go and my feeling. But I said, "Teacher, I can ride a bicycle." You know what, it ’s amazing. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and we go to a lot of places in Shezi Island. We went to three places, secret base of Mr. Chen, bird watching spot and Daotou Park. In the future, I want to be a commentator of Shezi Island because Shezi Island has many beautiful places. Shezi Island has a legend about growing vegetables. Shezi Island has many wonderful stories and I want to share with others.