Return to the  small farmer period in Shezi Island


    One of the elders said that he used to have many places to go after school,so he had no time to write homework (kidding)! When it had not been polluted yet, Shezi Island was rich in natural ecology and humanities. Human beings and other living things coexsited in the same environment . It was a so called "paradise".

Fuzhou Old Embankment Secret Area

Grandpa Hong: You are most fortunate to be born in this era. There was nothing in the previous era and it was not so convenient.
Student: But grandpa, you can go to the river to play with water, not now, because the Tansui and Keelung rivers are dirty now!
Grandpa Hong: Yeah, it's dirty now. If you don't have room to play, you guys are suffering now! It is much worse than we used to. We have to go to play water, swim, or grab things. There are many places to play. So you do n’t have any place to play now, just like the machi baku (Japanese) spoken by the Japanese, which is the box in the city, as if you entered it. It ’s just that you only watch TV, play video games, and use a computer (in Japanese) if you ’re behind it. That ’s it. It ’s more hateful than before. Everything used to be natural in the past. Natural scenes, air, and everything are better. Now it is very pitiful. The most pitiful thing is to watch TV at home as soon as I come back and close it in a box.

    Mr. Wenzong Chen, who grew up on Shezi Island, shared, "Summer is my favorite season, because I will catch fish and dragonflies with neighbors and children to catch fish and dragonflies. When flying in the air, I can easily grab it, and the prettier ones are used as specimens. Most butterflies are still released. "

    I also often go to my secret base (Dingfuzhou old dike) to play. When the tide is low, you can see groups of fiddler crabs and mudskipper on the wetland next to the kandelia obovata, and I often catch fiddler crabs to fight each other. (Haha).

    On my way home from school, I will pass a small river ditch. The water used to be very clear, and there were many small Mosquitofish.We always can't help jumping down and catching a lot, because the Mosquitofish is fried with some powder and it is really delicious!
    As for the wild Walking catfish, they are also delicious but   still inferior to Mosquitofish. But do you know how to catch Walking catfish without using a net? To share a little secret, we will three people standing in a row at the end of a small river ditch, and then start to move forward together, stirring the river with our feet, and when the river becomes very muddy, the Walking catfish will have to float to the surface to breathe , We can seize the opportunity to grab it with our hands!

    Autumn is a beautiful season on Shezi Island. I lay on the grass in the farmland and looked at the beautiful rainbow in the sky after the rain. This is the most beautiful scene I have ever seen.

Rainbow after the rain (Fu An Elementary School)

    After class, we usually use baseball gloves made of cement paper bags to play baseball. We also play marbles, pogs, badminton, and sometimes cook with earth oven together... These are our childhood memories.

In the distance, the words "DaZhongZhiZheng" on the Datun Mountain are a sign. The logo of Beitong Datong Company, the egret (great egret, little egret), the Warbling white-eye ... the sound of frog ,songbirds were always lively.

In Shezi Island in winter, because of poor economic conditions, our children would go outside the embankment to pick up red copper to sell money, or to catch wild mud crab to add meal. You have to go to the field to help the elders

Mud crab

    Boys in the past often like to contact animals, while girls seem to prefer to get closer to plants. Grandma Lin Wang Ayue said that after class, she had to help cook at home. Only when she was free would play sandbags and skip the rope.

    Yuxuan's Grandma taught us how to use Miscanthus to make small toys, such as small umbrellas (bamboo dragonflies) and birds, which is also a very interesting experience.

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  •     I think my dad's life was really good ~ because we are all controlled by 3C now, we can't go out at all, even if we can go out! There are still many people who do n’t want to go out, just want to be at home with 3C, not close to nature, my dad was back then ...
  •     At that time, my dad was playing: "Playing marbles, shooting rubber bands, peekaboo, catching fish, catching shrimp, etc ..." My dad also told me: "When the land was made public at night, we I will tie the milk powder cans, tie the chopsticks with a string, and then use it on the milk powder cans, then light a candle, and go to someone else ’s house to change the candles. All kinds of food, toys, etc. "
  •     "Are there any special games?" I asked. "Of course!" Dad said, "I used to play marbles with others in the alley of my house. If I shoot a few marbles, the marbles that go out of the frame are mine, and then I take the marbles If you sell it, you will have pocket money, and you can buy what I want! "
  •     I think Dad ’s experience is so special ~ I also hope I can have this experience! So I must not be a person who is addicted to 3C games, this is my expectation!
  •     In the past, children from Shezi Island used Miscanthus or B. viridis to make toys, but now they no longer use Mimosa or B. viridis to make toys. Because the current children like to play mobile phones, the current children do not like to play the previous games or toys, but only like the current toys or mobile phones. This time, because I heard Uncle Chen Wenzong introduce his life as a child, I found it interesting to recognize what toys the former Shezidao people played. For example, that day, Uncle Chen Wenzong taught us how to play with bristlegrass, and I immediately learned from my friends and sold them now, and started playing. When I learned the course of weaving Miscanthus from Grandma Yuxuan, I felt very accomplished because Grandma taught us to weave little umbrellas and birds. I was the first classmate to learn. So I found that in the past, children were closer to nature and used toys from nature. In the past, although children would use miscanthus or bristlegrass to make things, they have been doing it all the time, so that it will not harm nature and reduce the amount of miscanthus and bristlegrass. After the teacher knew my doubts, I thought I was cute and told me not to worry. The teacher said that people are very destructive now. Compared with the lethality of children making toys, we really do n’t have to worry.